When Plot Bunnies Reign Supreme

Wow, I don't know what I did to get so popular in Hong Kong, but, "嗨,亲爱的读者! 感谢您停止了!" (For the odd person out there who prefers to read that in Arabic characters, as I do, that's, "Hāi, qīn'ài de dúzhě! Yóuyú tíngzhǐle!")


As a point of conversation, I'd like to throw out that the term "starving artist" should be a misnomer–at least in this country. There shouldn't be any such thing, if the artist in question is getting food stamps!

(It makes me think of the Sex and the City episode where Carrie said that she would sometimes buy Vogue instead of dinner, because it "fed her more". I'm guessing she either didn't think of financial assistance, didn't want it, or–as I suspect–was making enough at her first NYC job to not get food stamps, but instead spent it on shoes and cigarettes.)

In the imaginary world where plot bunnies live, it's always sunny and seventy-three, so I don't mind letting them out to play for a while. (Of course, night comes! Don't be silly. Then, it's in the fifties…or whatever real bunnies like best.)

Except when there are several bunnies running about at one time and all of them are begging to be picked up and taken into the house with you. Then you have a problem.

January (named for January Rain) has been out of her hutch and relatively active since October, when I finished Early One Morning. She's been in the house with me multiple times, but then we go off and get tired of each other and she runs back outside.

Osborn (originally arriving twelve years ago with Ophelia) got out of the hutch last week and refuses to go back. In fact, he's told me rather emphatically that he won't go back until I write Elizabeth. Or figure out how to make Emmeline work. Or something. (He got out of the hutch last week when he hatched an idea that Ophelia should write a memoir.) As if Osborn getting excited at this video wasn't bad enough, he seems to think he can get attention by constantly reminding me that Elizabeth admires my friend Moo and I really ought to give Moo some writing love and…ARGH! Shut up, Osborn! (*weak laugh*)

Then there's Exile, who has been in and out of the hutch repeatedly since October. An androgynous Luuuv Bunny/Inappropriate Romance Bunny that arrived at my house shortly after I microchipped Julia (the Early One Morning bunny) and sent her off into the wild; Exile seems to think that the wrap up I fed Julia wasn't good enough and that I really ought to write one more novella. Preferably with Julia and Pontius getting married. And maybe another character (a second prefect), so that he [Exile] can exercise his Complicated Relationship Geometry Bunny powers. (His name derives from Exilium, the title of the follow-up novella.) He got out when I started trying to finish the Passion of Mary Magdalene again.

I don't know which bunny to take into the house with me, so I'm furiously stumped.


(And yes, a Two Things at Once Bunny lives in my shower. Her name is Rhiannon, because that's a nice name. 😉 )

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