LA or LV…What’s it Going to Be?

As you may have seen elsewhere, I entered a poetry contest based out of Ireland, wherein the top prize is a thousand euro. (About $1,300 in present exchange.) The top ten are invited to the poetry collection launch, but thirteen hundred isn't enough for a couple days in Cork (including room/board, airfare, passport, etc.). So I've been thinking where I would like to go instead.

(Not that I have to go anywhere, but other than my sojourn to Ren Fest last year, I haven't gone anywhere since Las Vegas in 2008.)

At first, I thought of Los Angeles. I've never been and I'm interested in moving to Santa Monica one day (if I ever get the money). But I thought, "Other than the touristy stuff and Disneyland, what is there to do?" (I used to have a friend in the industry, but we don't talk anymore, so hanging out with Keely is out of the question.)

So then I thought, "Why not go back to Vegas?" I had kind of an unusual time the last time, but I'm older and things would be different and I'd know what I was getting into.

Plus, it would be nice to see my good friend Marie again. And Sabrina, if she came down from Canada. And to just be with everyone once again. ^_^

But then I remembered that if I went to Los Angeles, I could probably (possibly, hopefully!) spend time with the amazing Moo. And maybe (since the Nerds have been doing this lately) we'd invade Curtis's house. (Yes, Booger!) And maybe he'd convince Bobby to come out of the woodwork. Or I could go see Calista sing. Or she'd come over. And…well, I'll leave that last, secret (or not so secret!) wish to myself. 😉

But I have to get shortlisted, before I can think about winning.

And the competition doesn't even close until March 31.


So for now, I'm only dreaming…

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