Loving Stana

As longtime readers know, I've adored Stana Katic forever. (Or what seems like forever. Perhaps since the first time I watched Castle.) I don't know if she's still my girlcrush (Amber Revah is stiff competition!), but I adore her thoroughly. Enough that there was no question whether to include her alongside Sandy Bullock on "my team" in my latest story seed. Sandy might be one of the first names out of my mouth when I'm asked about actresses (if not the first), but if there's asskicking to be done, there's no question Stana should be included.

I'll give you the full background on Dark and Dirty Games later–remind me!–but for now, I'm answering a subtle request for a preview. I've substituted out Stana's character name (Sera) for her real name, since the requester seems to be a Stana devotee. ^_^


“This looks like a regen station. Stana, you take point.”

Eager to finally be put in charge of something, Stana shouldered her rifle and pulled her light and the Ruger from her hip. Even and Stephanie covered the sides, while Jason watched the rear. David and Jason, however, seemed keen to stay close to their captain.

“That’s probably a supply cabinet.” Stana indicated a rusted out thing in a corner maybe twenty yards away. “Go check it out, Weston.”

David looked at Kaia anxiously, but she merely nodded and he broke out of the pack. A few steps away, he holstered his Smith & Wesson and grabbed his rifle.

“We’re clear,” he said after a moment. Slinging the rifle back around his neck, David threw the doors wide. “Six sleeping bags and enough MREs and sports drinks for dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow.”

“Good,” said Kaia. “Stana, Even; secure the building. Stephanie, I want you to setup a camping area. Paddy, you can help David sort the food.”

“What about you and I?” asked Jason.

“You can keep watch if you want, but I need to find a place to piss.”

He shook his head and holstered his Sig Sauer. “Nah, I’ll come with you.”

Jason waited until his captain was tucked away in what passed for a restroom before he said, “Do you really think he’ll kill them?”

“Do you think that he would’ve setup this bullshit and gave himself the cliché title ‘gamesmaster’ if he wasn’t serious?”

“Why them?”

“Isn’t the best way to draw someone out to capture their loved ones?” Kaia replied after the flush. “Richard III held his nephews in the Tower to ensure Elizabeth Woodville’s cooperation; this is much the same.”

She threw open the door as far as it would go and inched her way out. “Careful, the water is brown.”

Jason made a face.

“It’s probably just rust. This is a regen station…if it was something worse, they’d have wet wipes or something.”


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