Dark and Dirty Games

Okay, I'm going to make this quick, since I'm suddenly tired.

Well, that and I hate writing the back cover stuff for my books. 😛


Dark and Dirty Games (DDG) takes place in an unknown city in present day (2014. And everyone involved has magickally had their birthdays already). Twenty-eight year old Kaia Everhart has been thrown into a hunt for the two men she loves most in the world, who have been kidnapped by the mysterious and elusive Gamesmaster. Her challenge is to find her Husband and her Lover before the Gamesmaster kills Them. If that wasn't enough, Kaia has to complete her quest while opposing seven people she hates more than anything; collectively known as the "Wolves".

Fortunately, Kaia is not alone in searching for her Husband and her Lover…the Gamesmaster has seen fit to award her six team members of her own–all actors. Kaia quickly realizes that anyone she loves or cares for deeply is in danger of execution–these six may not be her first choice for Hunters, but they are the best in light of the situation.


Since Kaia is accompanied by celebrities, you might be interested to know who I "cast" in each role.

  • David Weston: Dominic West
  • Even Morado: Esai Morales
  • Jason Crestwell: Jack Coleman
  • Sera Kent: Stana Katic
  • Stephanie Bentley: Sandra Bullock
  • Patrick "Paddy" Fielder: Peter Facinelli

With a special appearance by another actor that I couldn't leave out. 

(Not Jamie or Greg. They're the ones being rescued.)

The Wolves I hate so much, I don't even want to mention their actual names, so I'll just leave clues.

  • Derek Serline: this gentleman is probably the actor I hate most, other than one of the other wolves. He was a big villain in the cult classic Jericho, leaving me to name him "Dirty Bastard". (A convenient nickname based off his first two initials, I might add.)
  • Eder Rickart: has a super famous younger sister and a daughter who looks like a mini version of said sister. "Eder" plays a lot of villains. And is better looking without those ugly glasses. And could probably draw me back in if he tried hard enough (late night tweets again, anyone?) Ahem.
  • Taik Shasser: you may know the second "loathe of my life" just by calling him "Smashbrain" (as I have since I was fourteen). He usually plays highly unusual characters or characters that aren't quite…ah…on. I think he made a little bit of a name for himself in the Spy Kids movies, then inflated it by starring in a show that rhymes with "clunk". (Which makes me think I should've included his former costar, Alan Cumming, on my team. Dammit!)
  • Kader Spedais: you wouldn't know him even if I gave you his real name. But I've hated him longer than the Dirty Bastard; primarily because he caused the trauma that activated my chronic depression.
  • Amie Callington: last I checked, "conservative blonde journalist bitch" won't get a lot of correct results on Google, but it will put you on the right track. 😉
  • Coit Coldwater: would probably make a living as a cowboy if he thought he could (and if being from an Old Hollywood family didn't come with certain expectations). His elder brother was really famous in the martial arts world and his eldest daughter is part of the ensemble of Raising Hope.
  • Caiden Bannister: _____ and eggs. And if that doesn't give it away, lead actor on The Following.

No writing tonight. This took longer than I thought. *tear*

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