Win, Lose or Draw!

Five things:

  1. For the next few hours, “OMG” stands for “Oh my Greg”! (See Son of God for more detail!)
  2. Tiny quibble: the movie makes it look like Pontius Pilatus arrived in Jerusalem shortly before Jesus’s ministry/execution. He was actually there about eight years before the Sanhedrin decided Jesus was trouble.
  3. Big Quibble: you show Greg shirtless during a massage, but no sitting up and therefore no abs?! Wow…that makes it just shy of a perfect movie. (*giggle*)
  4. Yup, I’m still crazy for Amber Revah…she has a no sé lo que that Stana is missing.
  5. PMS is making me say “I HATE GEMINIS!” but watching Son of God makes me say, “I want to work on Exilium!” This is a problem.

Thank you to Mark and Roma for turboloading the movie with Greg. I owe you BIG TIME for that cinematic dream come true. ♥

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