Stating the Obvious

adore Greg Hicks. Ergo, Son of God was a (hee hee) cinematic orgasm for me.

However, I’m PMSing, and in this particular phase, I seem to be very anti-Gemini.

Which is sad, because Greg is a Gemini and Exilium (the sequel to Early One Morning, if you missed the memo) begs to be written.

But no matter what I say or do or think, I’m still going to be locissima for him. (Kind of like that old song, “I hate you / but I love you / I can’t stop thinking of you…”)

Regardless of how I feel (and if he ever pays attention), I’m still going to keep on blogging, writing books and tweeting in his direction. One thing another special someone taught me almost a decade ago…never stop talking. You never know when someone is quietly listening.

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