Grey-Eyed Monsters

Twiddling around with a different blog/site; but to be honest, I probably won't go anywhere. Xanga's demise (as a WordPress knock-off…ugh) leaves me sitting right here, because there's nothing out there that has the features that I liked (and somewhat miss).

(I feel like that was rambling somewhat, but I also feel like that's one of those thoughts that I can't quite articulate between my mind and my fingers.)


While I go play, here's a cute little description of Greg that I wrote for my auntie. Because I can. 😉


Your niece is madly in love with Pilate. (Another glaring, grey-eyed monster, just like James Remar…*gigglefit*)

The major difference is that Jamie is not English (well, wholly English, anyway), a rabbinical school dropout, Royal Shakespearan, Brazil-lovin' Capoeira buff. (But boy, is Jamie buff! 😉 )


Like this, Lover…

Hmm…no, I think you need a little work…





Jamie has been nominated for a Prism for his work on Grey's Anatomy. (That's him at the 2013 Saturns with his Lifetime Achievement Award, but it's what I had in stock. 😉 )

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