Cycles of Pain

So I’m scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and I happen to pause on a post made by one of the local news stations, featuring a video of whales frolicking in the wake of a boat. It’s supposed to be happy post among news of robberies and other things, but someone has to go, “I bet they saw Blackfish and they want to get revenge.”

Which would really be okay (however controversial–ugh), if it didn’t appear that this gal was somehow related to one of the station’s meteorologists! (I won’t specify the name of the woman–or her relation–except to say that her name was [“Greek pseudonyms” again] ‘Kappa Pi MarriedSurname’, with “Pi” being the surname of the personality in question.)

My instantaneous thought (and I posted as much), was that Blackfish could (and probably is, to some extent) be considered controversial. Not knowing how to contact the administrator/moderators, I sent a tweet to Iota, whom I knew would respond. (I love Lambda, but she doesn’t always answer!) He said he would look into it and I was said that I was worried Kappa would do some damage (with a maiden name[?] like Pi). Iota said further that he hadn’t seen the movie and I admitted that I hadn’t either, but with a supposed storyline detailing the abuses SeaWorld has heaped on whales and other animals, I’m not sure that that movie should be brought into the realm of discussion on the station’s page. (Especially on what was supposed to be a happy post…HELLO?!) What really got me? Iota said he knew Kappa and she wouldn’t say anything bad. (I eventually started worrying, because I was thinking about Kappa finding out that I tattled to Iota and her messaging me and jumping down my throat and…gods, no wonder I cry so much. Being a “do-gooder” is hard sometimes!)

But do we ever really know anybody? I’ve known Mu (whom I mentioned in my last “Greek entry”) since we were very little girls, but that doesn’t mean I know all her secrets. Same way with Mamo…I’ve known her for five years and we’ve shared a lot of our deepest, most intimate secrets, but that doesn’t make me believe for one minute that “she wouldn’t say anything bad”.

I’ve thought before that we could spend our entire lives lying to each other and there’s no way on earth that anyone would ever know, because we can’t see inside each other’s minds. The only person alive that knows what’s going on in our minds is us…and that’s scary enough, controversial movies aside.

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