Red-Blooded American?

I took this Buzzfeed quiz and was really surprised at how “stereotypically American” I am. (Seriously, I didn’t think I was that bad…I thought I was more…non-country-specific?) Comments when I have ’em! (P.S.: I think I’m marking more now than when I originally took the quiz!)

  1. Had bacon as part of multiple meals in a day? I’ve been known to dive into the bacon bit bag and just sprinkle some in my mouth!
  2. Drunk to embarrassing levels of excess?
  3. Drunk out of red Solo cups? Not alcohol. But I have drunk alcohol out of purple Solos! 😀
  4. Been to a keg party? I originally skipped this, but if I’ve been to “normal” parties where a keg is present, that counts (to me).
  5. Driven a truck or SUV? Gods, I originally thought “truck only”, but no! Both! I drove my dad’s Dakota when I had my permit and I’ve driven a couple of different Jeeps (which are SUVs). Heck, my dad’s Caliber is a crossover…
  6. Owned a truck or SUV?
  7. Gotten into a bar fight?
  8. Owned an article of clothing with the American flag on it? I bought a cheap shirt with the flag on it when I worked at Kohl’s, because we were allowed to wear patriotic (or RWB) clothes and denim on Independance Day that year.)
  9. Owned more than one article of clothing with the American flag on it?
  10. Had a closet full of American flag gear?
  11. Worn a denim jacket? AH! I had one when I was a KID!
  12. Thought “I’d look damn good in a denim jacket”?
  13. Said ‘Murica? I FUCKING HATE THAT!
  14. Been to a country music concert?
  15. Watched a NASCAR event? No…prefer open-wheel (IndyCar)
  16. Been to a NASCAR event?
  17. Attended a Major League Baseball game? Two Tigers games when I was little.
  18. Eaten a hot dog at a ballgame? If I haven’t, I’d be surprised.
  19. Drunk a Slurpee? Probably a variation thereof.
  20. Eaten a t-bone steak? I’m sure when I was younger we had T-Bones at least once.
  21. Talked shit about the metric system? I don’t know if I’ve ever “talked shit”, but “actively loathed” is effective.
  22. Bought something in bulk? Yay Sam’s! (Yay, old bulk barrels at the store!)
  23. Eaten fast food multiple times in a day? Makes you miss regular food.
  24. Drowned in student loan debt? Until consolidation.
  25. Drunk a Budweiser?
  26. Drunk far too many Budweisers on an American holiday?
  27. Barbecued? I don’t think I’ve done more than check on food, but I’ve actively consumed barbecued foodstuffs.
  28. Voted for a reality show? I used to vote for AGT weekly.
  29. Tried to get on a reality show?
  30. Had road rage? Don’t we all yell and curse at dumbasses?
  31. Gotten a speeding ticket? My first was something like, “Driving too fast for unsafe conditions”. So I’m calling it.
  32. Gotten into an uninformed political argument? Aren’t all mine?
  33. Been to the Statue of Liberty?
  34. Been to Mount Rushmore?
  35. Given a stranger directions? Walking home from school, even.
  36. Lived in a McMansion?
  37. Complained about President Bush?
  38. Complained about President Obama?
  39. Complained about people complaining about President Bush or Obama?
  40. Signed up for a credit card at too young an age? Why do you think I filed bankruptcy at 26? Chase gave me a $10k limit card when I was 21 and I later got another card to help with textbooks when I had that nearly maxed. Between being too young, having too much credit and being unable to keep a job, it was a financial nightmare.
  41. Spoken in a horrific British accent? I don’t know about “horrific”, but I’m not sure I’d go showing Greg or some of the other lads, either!
  42. Hooked up with a foreigner solely because of their accent?
  43. Only watched soccer during the World Cup?
  44. Sung the National Anthem at a bar?
  45. Started a U-S-A chant?
  46. Watched fireworks on the Fourth of July? You don’t even have to leave my house to be able to see some of the professional jobs in the area. Better yet, I’ve done Independence Day at Williamsburg. To get any better, I would have to have been there for the first one!
  47. Set off fireworks on the Fourth of July?
  48. Burned something down because of the fireworks you set off on the Fourth of July?
  49. Acted like you knew all the words to Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” but only sang the chorus?
  50. Inexplicably gone crazy over a Journey song?
  51. Fired a gun? Not yet.
  52. Gone hunting? Someday, maybe.
  53. Gone fishing? Never liked it very much.
  54. Gone camping? In trailer and tent.
  55. Gone hiking? Standard day hike and backpacking! (Though none of the lengthy trips my mom has done.)
  56. Served in the military? One wish that never came true…
  57. Sarcastically made fun of Canada? No, but I’ve mocked their accents…
  58. Voted? My first one was the 2004 caucus, on a printer paper “ballot”.
  59. Given money to a homeless person?
  60. Wished you lived in California? Santa Monica or Burbank, one day.
  61. Wished you lived in New York?
  62. Wished you lived anywhere else? I dreamed about living in Vegas for a while.
  63. Truly believed in the “American Dream?”
  64. Considered yourself a big Harrison Ford fan?
  65. YouTubed Bill Pullman’s speech in “Independence Day?”  I prefer Johnston Green’s iconic speech in Jericho. (So much that I actually make it into a tarot card.)
  66. Gotten choked up when Goose died in “Top Gun?”
  67. Known how to properly fold an American flag?
  68. Swelled with pride while watching “Rocky IV”?
  69. Bought something from an infomercial? Not directly from an informercial, but something from the “as seen on tv section”–I was responsible for picking up the 10″ Orgreenic pan to add to our collection. And I’ve purchased a set of Clever Clasps.
  70. Done something unspeakable in Las Vegas? No, I can talk about all of it!
  71. Ridden a Harley-Davidson?
  72. Owned a pair of Levi’s jeans? I don’t know if any of them were.
  73. Spent five-plus hours on a Saturday watching Netflix?
  74. Spent a 10-plus hours on a Saturday watching Netflix?
  75. Had a crush on a cheerleader?
  76. Been a cheerleader? How do you think I ended up working at Wendy’s?
  77. Owned cowboy boots? I still sometimes think of the slouchy tan boots I bought for pageant wear! *sigh*
  78. Considered yourself a patriot?
  79. Spent an unhealthy amount of time on the internet in one sitting? All. The fucking. TIME!
  80. Looked forward to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition?
  81. Looked forward to Shark Week?
  82. Owned a skateboard?
  83. Read “The Great Gatsby?”
  84. Gotten inappropriately drunk at a work Happy Hour?
  85. Been to a U.S. National Park? National Lakeshore–again, calling it!
  86. Been to three-plus U.S. National Parks?
  87. Hated communism? I’m not even sure if I should hate it!
  88. Believed in conspiracy theories?
  89. Had a disproportionately large ego?
  90. Gone line dancing? Learned line dances for pageants? Calling it!
  91. Gotten fired up for a saxophone solo? Honey, when I learn to play one day, the first song I want to master is “The Last Night of the World” from Miss Saigon. (Famous for its line, “…a song / played on a solo saxophone…”) Does that tell you anything?!
  92. Considered yourself very good at air guitar? Mediocre
  93. Fought over a parking space? Gotten really pissed.
  94. Enjoyed watching “Seinfeld?”
  95. Considered “Die Hard” a Christmas movie?
  96. Made an apple pie? Consumed many more than made, but yes.
  97. Hitchhiked?
  98. Been to Disney World? Repeatedly.
  99. Eaten a Twinkie? Even better: my attorney gave me one on the day of my bankruptcy hearing!
  100. Enjoyed your freedom? THANK THE SWEET MOTHER GODDESS, YES!

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