11 Signs You Might Be a Men’s Rights Activist

Sadly, this is way too common.

The Sandy Vagina

I’m working on original content, I promise. It’s crunch time at work and school so I’m balls-to-the-wall trying to get everything done before deadlines. While you’re waiting, please enjoy this post I found on Tumblr.

1. You have no problem with the gender wage gap. But you hate having to pay for dates.

2. You insist that it’s a scientifically proven fact that men are stronger than women. But you complain about society believing that it’s worse for a man to hit a woman than for a woman to hit a man.

3. You believe that the age of consent is unfair and that there’s nothing wrong with having sex with teenage girls. But when you find out that a teenage girl enjoys sex, you believe she’s the biggest slut in the world.

4. You hate when a woman automatically assumes that a man is a douchebag before getting to…

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