In a Tree, Swingin’ Mah Legs

You know what's reallyreallyreally addictive (to me, anyway)? UGH! I don't know what it is, but it's like fucking research crack! Making myself stop is nigh on impossible. It's always, "One more family member. One more record." Etc., etc.

One thing I don't talk about on Facebook (or anywhere, really) is that my babysitter-turned-mentor/friend Sherrill was temporarily my aunt. Her sister Wendy was married to my uncle Brian for…I'm not sure how long (and I think my dad gets tired of me pestering him for names after I play with Ancestry at length). It was ages ago, though, because it all happened when I was pretty young and it seems like he's been married to Aunt Mona forever. But, since Ancestry allows you to put up the family of ex-spouses, I was able to go along and drop in Sherrill, her ex, her son, her parents and her siblings. 😀

Since the site deals with real, verifiable facts, I can't go in and add "closest thing I had to a brother"…which means I can't go in and added Ross and his family. It's not like Ross and I have been incredibly close over the years, but his mom did potty train me (haha) and his parents were my designated guardians, should something have happened to mine before 2004. So he might as well have been my brother.

I think the most addicting new feature is that you can go in and connect Facebook profiles with your family members. Doesn't matter that I'm not friends with any of my family on Facebook (save for Katie and Sherrill)…they found everyone that has accounts and presented me with a list. ("Yes, she's my mother. Yes, he's my cousin" and so forth.) It's also nice, because instead of generic male and female images for each person on the tree, it goes in and attaches their profile picture.

At one point, I even added a Carradine family tree. I couldn't help it…I already knew a little information from IMDb and quite a bit more from Endless Highway, so I already had trees manually drawn. (And finer versions through Photoshop.) Given that John Carradine was a major star in Old Hollywood, it wasn't hard to find information–especially since I already knew a little bit about his parents. I don't know whose tree is worse; the Carradines, with John's multiple spouses and boys (and their multiple partners and children) or mine, with (apparently) having boatloads of information for all four branches (read: all four grandparents).

The only disappointment in all this is Jamie's tree. I mean, yeah, it was pretty thrilling to find out that he's a second generation American (my darling Japanophile is Russian!); but it was a total washout after I got to his grandparents. I would've been happy with even a quarter of the information I found for the other two, but I guess I'm not getting that lucky.

No writing. I'm stuck.

Ostensibly, I'm giving my mind a break by taking advantage of Ancestry's willingness to give me another free trial, but I still miss writing.

did come up with a few more characters for my next illicit novel. I wish Garth could somehow give me permission to write a Clayr novel, but his attorney would probably be like, "Oh, HAIL NO! Legal nightmare, Sheila!" (Remember, Garth Nix is an Aussie. 😀 )

I keep telling myself "write ritual" (as I often do when I'm this stuck, but not motivation-ally dead), but it hasn't happened yet.


(By the by: I'd totally do a tree for Greg if I had more information than his name, birthdate and current residence[s].)

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