Trees are Fun

Went “north” to find family that lived and died in Germany. Got it.

Me > Dad > Grandma Martin > Josephine Schaefer (her mother) > Theresia Fedewa (her mother) > Johannes Schaefer (her uncle — German born) > Anna Thelen (his mother) > Maria Mueller (her mother, 100% German life)

Six generations from me to a German-born ancestor and another two to a completely German life. Wow!

(Still haven’t gotten back to England on Mom’s side…got stuck at the Hydes.)

As to what I said the other day?

Me: 401 people, supported by 238 records, with 1,165 hints left to review.
Calista: 94 people, supported by 101 records, with 151 hints left to review.


And it will get worse, you know.

Hints indicate records or other supporting documentation, which can mean new people and new hints. (In other words, hints are like tribbles. Or maybe bunnies, if you’re not into scifi.)

Calista said I probably won’t find everyone due to a name variation. I simply laughed and said I hadn’t noticed. (How can I? Ninety-four people is still quite a lot, even if it isn’t close to the maze my tree is.) (Part of my problem is that my father’s side is Catholic. I hate to play to stereotypes, but I do have an awful lot of ancestors!)

I wish I had more information about Jamie. It drives me bats to get stuck at his grandfather, especially given that it reveals that he’s part Russian. It makes me wonder what I’m missing, not knowing about his mom’s side…

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