A Bit of Poetry

I'm amazed that I managed to hang onto this poem for so long. I wrote this in February and submitted it to the poetry competition, but I didn't want to share it with the world until I got the results back. Then I wanted to wait a little longer…until this day.

I'm not sure why I told WordPress to wait until two…I know I changed it to 2:17, because seventeen is my favorite number. 😉

Either way, it seems appropriate to be working on a "mysterious piece of new poetry" while thunder rumbles in the background and the wind rushes threateningly through the trees. The radar, however, makes it appear that the storm will skirt right around the house. How disappointing.

My lover, my partner, my life…



I’ve never found a voice
that calls me out of the darkness
quite the way you do.
I can hear others calling me,
speaking my name…
but none can summon me
like you.


Your angel wings enfold me;
with the care of my runaway heart.
When I had too many toxic nights,
too many lovesick days,
you were there.
You saved me
from being a giggling girl;
you picked me up
when I would play in the lane…
no more
would that car roll down that street
and take me away.


But still I find
that I have to close my eyes
to touch you.
I find
that you were never really there.
There is no love between us;
there never will be.
when I probe the depths of my soul,
the long rays of my feelings,
there’s something inexpressible there.
I want to tell you I love you,
but still
I worry that it would be a lie.


I can never have you,
never hold you
the way I want.
I can commit my words to paper,
write stories in my mind;
but they will never convey
what I must always leave unsaid.
One night,
when I find myself alone in your arms
and crying,
that will be the end.

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