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This is the first time in my entire life I had to give up an interview for school. Of course, it’s the first time I’ve also worked with a “human resources call center”, too. I told the guy screening me that I couldn’t take a time between six and seven on Wednesday (this past Wednesday) because I had school. In fact, I told him while he was screening me that I had school!

So he says, “We’ll keep your application for sixty days and we’ll contact you if we have another opening.”


Whatever happened to flexibility?!

I got an email a half hour later (and again the next day) claiming they hadn’t heard from me and still wanted to screen me, but I ignored them. If they actually wanted to try again with me, they could’ve used their robocaller like they did the first time.


I guess if you’re not going to be flexible on an interview, you’re not going to work with my school schedule, either. I know that’s a broad leap to make, considering it’s a call center and the robotic rep has nothing to do with how the local staff would treat me, but I would still be concerned.


(Sidebar: I couldn’t just not go one night because the school I am/was attending has a policy that you can miss exactly six hours before you lose all two-fifty of your attendance points. Since every class is out of a thousand, you would have to get a perfect A in order to get the C you need to pass.)


School. Dear Goddess.


I don’t have the patience to fill you in with all the drama there. Let’s just say that there was a lot of back-and-forth just to get me into school…and now I hate it.

It’s not my classmates. Despite the attitude of one of the girls Thursday night (and she didn’t really get a chance to hear me out, because the professor came back), they were all pretty nice.

It’s definitely not the work. “Becoming a Master Student” is an easy A and “Anatomy & Physiology (Yellow)” is so far made up of information I know simply from reading and from taking A&P I/II as an undergrad.

I’m just not happy. (Period. Exclamation point.)


I’m thinking, “Maybe I’ll try again with paralegal.” (I don’t know why I quit…I suspect it was one part boredom and a bigger part laziness. Plus the whole, “I have no gas to go out to MSU for legal research, so I’m going to fail” issue.)

Except the career center I’m working with says, “No, we can’t cover the outstanding debt you have with LCC.”

So I think, “Okay…I’ll just shift left and enter [my current school’s] pharmtech program.” I know it seems a bit silly when I’m already certified, but given that I’ve had no hands-on experience (I didn’t get an externship, remember?) and that I basically faked my way through most of the math in my last program, I could probably use the chance to go back and “hit it again”, as they say.

Except my caseworker seems reluctant for me to do that. She claims she’s not upset with me, but…


*shakes her head* That’s okay. This isn’t going to get resolved in time, anyway.

My caseworker wants to meet with…I’m not sure of this gal’s title…from school and in order to save my ass, the meeting would have to occur before 6:30 tonight. (It’s six hours per class, but since Friday was a makeup day, today’s class is exactly the same as Friday’s.) One minute later and there goes my 250 points. And I am not getting a C in an easy A class! (One minute does make a difference by the way. The A&P prof told us about a student that missed six hours and fifteen minutes of class. The prof begged and pleaded with the administration to not take away her points, but they did anyway.)

If my caseworker wants all three of us to meet in person–and I imagine she does–then it will take longer than just a few hours to put together and pull off.

In that case, I’ll have to wait until the new semester starts (July 7, I believe) and start all over again. Which means I wouldn’t be finished until January. (I doubt they’d let me skip classes just because I have my certification.) Which means I’d be included in the spring graduation, not the winter.

Since I’m starting to associate this school with unhappiness, I’m almost inclined to just get out. *sigh*


Any writing news I have, you basically read earlier.


Dark and Dirty Games…I went to rewrite and my interest flagged incredibly. It’s not that I don’t like the story, necessarily; it’s just that a lot of what I’ve been working on seems to have a dark side and I’m tired of the darkness.

The same goes with Exilium and January Rain.

Which is sad, really, because now that I know that Greg liked my poem, I want to finish Exilium so I can put it together with the annotated manuscript I have waiting and send off the special edition hardcover (which I intend to call The Priestess or some such) for him to keep. Except I don’t have the money to publish and mail it right now. And I don’t know how long he’s going to be at his flat, either. (The only reason I know he’s not in Spain right now is because he said he’s back to see the RSC’s autism-friendy version of The Tempest.) But one would think that you could send a “fan gift” (I just typed “fan girl”…see where my head is?!) to the RSC’s “stage door address” and they’d see that he’d get it.

Oh and then there’s the fact that I’d also want to wait until I had the money for a copy of Son of God and new video editing software–the movie being source material for the Exilium book trailer.

But at least Exilium hasn’t gone stagnant. Just a week or so ago, Julia and Lucius (her fiancé) realized that Pontius still has her manus, so Lucius is negotiating to get it back.


I don’t know much about the untitled book yet. I have ideas, but where it’s ultimately headed, I really don’t know. (I could say something about past lives here, but something tells me I ought to stay quiet on the issue.)


Sweet Mother Goddess! 2:33! Time to get this novelista mind of mine to bed!

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