Rage (pt. 1)

I’ll explain this later. (Or you can just skim the thread: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1257642-tate-publishing-i-need-some-input-to-make-a-decision/)

I can’t believe the amount of people here who call themselves “authors” that are drinking the Tate kool-aid. (Yes, I know that’s offensive to people who lost family and friends at Jonestown, but unless and until another term is coined, deal with it!)

We shout from the rooftops that it’s NOT OKAY TO GIVE A PUBLISHER YOUR MONEY (unless you’re working with Amazon and willingly paying for the extras), yet morons still come through in herds of sheeple saying, “Oh, I have four thousand dollars to throw around…I’m fine with it.”

Corine is an absolute moron. “I can always rearrange my budget and find money.” Really, Little Miss Rich *Bleep*?! How about those of us who are basically starving artists and would be living on the streets if it weren’t for foodstamps and kind family members? What are we supposed to do, stop writing because we’re “not good enough”? HARDLY!

And KR claimed that we’re “slandering” Tate? Tate is a money-grubbing company who repeatedly lies to its employees and treats them so poorly, it makes fast food look like a good industry. You’re LDS, huh? Guess what, Miss Priss? I was raised Catholic–the very first Christian denomination, as you may remember–and even I say, “TATE SUCKS and they do NOT act like good Christians!”

Up to this point, I’ve loved interacting with all of you on this thread, but this is too much. I am beyond tired of the ignorant masses who come in and repeatedly ignore what we say. I am OUT! Have fun cliff-jumping, you passel of lemmings!

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