Here be the end?

No…not really…

So the escándalo de la semana seems to be the fact that Dr. Oz was called in front of a senate panel not to testify against bullshit "medical miracles", but so that a select group (including Claire McCaskill, as I understand) could flatten him for the benefit of the sensationalist media.

Yes, ladies, this is our wonderful government at work. [/sarcasm]

Now it's been a long time since I've seen The Dr. Oz Show, because if I'm unemployed, I'm dead to the world when he comes on. (I nap from three-ish to five, a hold-over from the days when I was taking such high doses of CNS depressants that I could barely make it to 1:30 some days.) But the last time I watched, the good doc (or the Wizard, as we call him at my house) wasn't exactly saying, "Take this [insert pill or remedy here] and you'll lose twenty pounds in a week!" You don't see him pushing Hydroxy Cut and Lipozene because that shit just doesn't work!

So he tends to get a little enthusiastic about the things he feels work. Don't we all? I wonder how many people reading this take–or knows someone who takes–garlic for heart health. (My ex-stepfather actually ate the cloves whole. Ew!) You know what I heard from a pain specialist on Thursday? A lot of studies have been done on the garlic/cardiac relationship, but nothing has really stuck out as saying that garlic is an essential supplement for your heart. (I'm paraphrasing mightily there, but you get the idea.) I would venture a guess that garlic is one of the most highly-touted supplements out there, yet congress wants to blame the Wizard for saying, "I know some people who have tried this stuff and it's pretty great"? What about all the companies who attach his name and image to their products, none of which he has ever actually endorsed? Who's getting on their case? (By the way, the next time I see a display for raspberry ketones in the store, I'm going to scrawl "DOES NOT ACTUALLY ENDORSE" in the biggest letters I can. Ugh.)

I agree with the New York Daily News in their summation that the media has shaped Dr. Oz into some almighty god and that's what the senate committee thought they were battling. Mehmet Oz is a talented, respected physician whose full range of skills we have yet to see. Do I think I know the real Oz? Hardly. Just as in the movie, the media has thrown up a smokescreen, so I have no idea what I'm really looking at. I'm not going to stop thinking he's pretty spiffy just because some congressional know-it-alls think they can tear him down. (Sorry, I Fucking Love Science…this is where you lose.) In fact, I'm looking forward to NY Med this week–the smokescreen will drop and I can meet the real wizard.

A big thank you to Susie Lindau for including me in her Wild Riding team. Maybe someday I'll actually promote my books in her blog parties. For now, however, I'm happy to write personal or "newsy" pieces for the crowd I invariably draw.

Someone pass the beignets, please? 😉

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  1. Stopped by from Susie’s party. I’m almost ashamed to admit, I know OF Dr. Oz, but if I’ve even seen his show, I wouldn’t know. Based on what you’ve shared, though, he sounds interesting.

    22 Jun 2014 at 6:12 pm

  2. I had no idea he had testified!.I hadn’t seen him on TV for a couple of years and for someone who recommends a lot of foods for anti-aging, he looked a lot older!
    Thanks for brining this to the party! Have fun clicking on links and meeting my friends! Tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they should click back!

    22 Jun 2014 at 8:51 pm

    • I heard he’d testified, but I didn’t realize what a big deal it was until everyone started posting about how he’s a fraud, he should have his medical license taken away, etc. O.o

      22 Jun 2014 at 8:54 pm

      • I must have been on vacation! Good thing!

        22 Jun 2014 at 9:05 pm

      • It was some point within the last week. shrugs

        22 Jun 2014 at 10:21 pm

      • I guess I’ve been working hard!!!

        22 Jun 2014 at 10:33 pm