Busy Like Everything

I should be looking for work, but I’m here…and reconfiguring HootSuite, since Silverbird tends to repost what I tweet fifty times…and maybe I’ll head to Indeed in a minute. It’s not like my life needs to be busier (as you’re about to see), but it’s also highly unusual for me to have only one or two windows open at a time, too.

P.S.: In case you're curious why it looks like all my comments are closed, it's because you now have to be a registered user to comment and then wait for me to approve the comment will appear. (I think. Other than I have "auto close" set to seven days at this point.) Unfortunate, but necessary with all the bullshit that caused me to move blogs in the first place.

Sunday, 20 July and Monday, 21 July: peace; a blessing. Highly desired with the busyness of the days to come.


Tuesday, 22 July: I triple booked myself. Once upon a time, if I even tried to double book myself, I’d always end up skipping one of the interviews…but it seems like one or both of the companies usually ended up being of doubtful provenance, anyway.

I started up with a new career counselor/therapist this day. Some of Brian’s questions seemed weird, but he said something this week (as in yesterday) about a “psychosocial questionnaire” (or some such), so that’s probably where they came from. (Well, that and I said, “Hey, I’m weird…why shouldn’t my therapist be weird, too?” No response, of course.)

I had trouble loosening up. Of course, “I Am In A Suit” has an impact on personality, as well as thinking about the interviews and meetings I had in the next two hours.

Well, that and I couldn’t stop thinking about the slacks I was wearing having ripped when I stood up to grab paperwork. *sigh*


After my appointment with Brian, I scurried out the door to Auto Owners Insurance. I’d gotten an email from their HR department saying they’d received my application and transcripts and would I consider meeting with one of their recruiters. Well, why not? I was going to be in the area, anyway. The only problem was that the recruiters were only available from 12-3p on weekdays and I wouldn’t be finishing with Brian until three. But one of the recruiters responded and said that she’d be available to meet with me after three.

Which is great, until you get there and they promptly say (in the most professional way possible, of course), “Why are you here?”

(Actually, it reminds me of the time where I interviewed at a car dealer and the interviewer said, “Why do you want to work here?” “You found my resume on the internet…you tell me.” He didn’t say anything; but at that moment, I intuited that when you receive an email from a company saying they found your resume on a jobs site [especially car dealers], there’s very little chance that they’ve actually read your resume–they’re just trying to fish for recruits.)

So I mentioned the email I received and she pulled my resume and had me make any corrections I wanted before we sat down and discussed it.

To keep things short, she told me that–as a degree-holder–I was best qualified for their entry level positions: claims examiner and underwriter (which I’d applied for). She told me what was involved with each position (which was good, because I forgot what the “classmate husband” had told me at my reunion) and said that my resume would be in the system for department heads to pull at any time.

(Did I mention that I had my ten-year class reunion nearly two months ago now? It was a “delightful flop”, but I enjoyed it.)


My final stop was at the Verizon store next to HoH. I had a few minutes, however, and I wanted to talk to Bill, so I stopped there for a soda instead of McD’s.

Except Bill was on break.

So I sat there with a too expensive soda (I’m sure a small at McD’s is only $1.09 or some such) and just enjoyed the A/C before I moved along.

(I went out to dinner with Christa one night recently and she’d mentioned that they’d gotten computerized registers. Between that, the new decor and wifi, the new owners sure have made quite a bit of progress! And they’ve hardly finished their first year…who knows what they’ll do next. ^_^)

The Verizon store was kind of flat. I suppose part of it was that I was tired, or unprepared or…I really have no idea, at this point. They invited me to take a personality/skills test, but that must have just been out of politeness, because I haven’t heard anything since. (It was the same freaking test that I’d taken about six weeks ago for a different position, anyway!)

Wednesday, 23 July: the BIG DAY! I was so nervous about interviewing with the State of Michigan that I swore my head was going to go rolling down 496 without me. O.o

I successfully parked in a ramp, although not the one I planned. That may not seem like a big deal to you, but the last time I drove downtown Lansing, I got very confused with what was going on with the ramp I was trying to get into, tried to go ’round the block (but it was a one way street) and…ugh. | Anyway, I ended up walking a few blocks and it took me longer to get to the courthouse than I planned, but I got there on time. (If I had been aiming for the federal courthouse, I would’ve been right there. *facepalm*)

I got in there and I asked a guard for directions, because seeing “adult probation” (to me, anyway) does not necessarily mean “this is where you need to go, Dayanara”. He must have misheard me (or must have thought I couldn’t have meant probation with the suit I was wearing–and yes, I did mend the pants), because he sent me to probate. So when I got out of the bathroom, probate sent me to the basement to meet with probation. (Small wonder people get confused!)

I arrived with five minutes to spare and was presented with a copy of the questions. Highly unusual–even more so when I asked, “Can I write on this?” and the receptionist said, “No, but I can give you a piece of paper.”

How many job interviews have you ever gone into where you knew the questions ahead of time and were prepared to–and comfortable with–answer/ing them? For me, one, as of last week.

Unfortunately, if you're waiting for positive news, I have none. The interviewer who is also the supervisor for the Eaton County probation division said they had no timeline for hiring, they had other interviews to conduct, etc. (Which is apparently completely disappointing the hell out of everyone I share that with, but as someone who is used to being routinely ignored after interviews, instead of being told they're not going to hire me, it's nothing new.) In this situation, it's far easier to pretend that I wasn't hired and move on with my life…kind of like I did before they called me for the interview in the first place.

Thursday, 24 July: peace…again! After the whirlwind two days I had, it was worth it.

Well, almost peace. There was the little matter of, "We have no bread and I want to make a baked cheese, because there's really not much else to eat." (I can't make a "proper" grilled cheese, as you may remember…but I don't think there's any law against an improper grilled cheese, nu?)

After getting back $19.75 in quarters from the ramp, I took most of it to the coinstar at Meijer (seriously wish I'd remember the counting machine at the credit union) and had it give me/Dad a gift certificate to Applebee's. I was going to sit there and eat, but the patrons were loud and the music was louder yet, so I got my food, got the few groceries I needed and went to my mother's–where I also returned the suit I borrowed.

Friday, 25 July: I've had my eye appointment booked for months. Even when I had all those problems with my insurance, that's the only one that stayed in place because it was booked so far out. (I called in March and they said, "Oh, you were just here in July." So we booked for last week.)

I get there, they have me review my info sheet, I hand my card over and…"We don't accept this insurance."

"What do you mean? You're listed on the site as a provider…how can you not accept that?"

To keep it short, I paid off my dad's tab as he asked, ran my mom's GPS unit over to her house (I'd forgotten it when I remembered her suit at the last minute the day before), stole a Diet Coke from her 'cause I was broke (why I just didn't run over to CVS or the Feldpausch mini mart to use my bridge card, I'll never know), went home and called my insurer.

"Your doctor only accepts corporate PHP."


The receptionist at the eye doctor said I could call my caseworker and ask to change to McLaren or Meridian for eye care only. Nevertheless, I didn't want to put up with calling Justin, so while I had the PHP CSR on the phone, she gave me the name of another eye doc in the area that does accept, they just don't cover glasses. (I'm not ready yet, anyway.)

Saturday, 26 July and Sunday, 26 July: mostly peaceful with a few issues. I didn't end up going to my family reunion because my dad had a fibro flare-up, but I didn't really want to go, anyway.

I also bit the hell out of my lip while eating supper on Saturday, but (so far) it looks like none of them are going to manifest into canker sores. (Maybe one little spot, but not the huge space that was all white on Monday.)

Monday: I had a panic attack at the doctor's office. Oh joy. [/sarcasm]

Basically, I heard a young girl yelling/crying and it made my head start running through images/reasons why I might react in such a way and…tears started, my chest caught and I had to stop reading. (I won't go into details about what I saw, but I was able to clear up the two or three tears by the time the doctor came in.) I saw a girl of about twelve in the hall…her right arm was pulled out of her shirt and had been done up with an ace bandage and med tape, so it was probably her "howling for the moon".

Brian explained to me that it had to do with something called "mirror neurons" and when they did scientific tests (with an MRI, I'd assume), the same parts of the listener's brain lit up as it did on the brain of the person who actually was in pain. (Seems like I've heard something like that before, but it's been a while.)

Tuesday: I was almost late to see Brian, because I got talking about Ren fest. (Nerd crack! Heh heh!)

Our housekeeper…one of them…well, two of them…haven't been to Ren Fest; Nicole and Keylee are mother and daughter and Cheyenne is Keylee's brother's (Kyle's) girlfriend who might as well be her sister, the way it looks…Cheyenne has been to fest. So Cheyenne was saying that she's going to drag Nicole to fest this year and maybe Kyle (I can't imagine Keylee wouldn't go, too) and…just nerdgasm. xD

Keylee was "hiding at her grandmother's" this week (more on that in a moment), so it was Nicole, Cheyenne and I that were gabbing…I showed them the cloak I bought in 2007, then my "flute collection", then the hand-bound book that I bought last year and…

Needless to say, I drove 65 all the way to Brian's office and friended all three of them on Facebook so I don't have to pack two weeks of thoughts into ninety minutes anymore. (*laughs*)

(Keylee was "hiding" because the last time–when all three of them were here–she chipped a lamp with the vacuum. But the lamp is seventeen years old and it took four women to find where she'd chipped. Does that tell you anything? 😛 | I said we'd just pick on her forever. *giggle*) (I went to call my dad and was the one who found it, because it was on a bevel and very hard to see.)

Today: more peace!

Okay, I had trouble sleeping, banged my toes before bed and scratched my arm on my display case; but other than that…!

Tomorrow: I'm expecting a call from a (recruiting?) company that is hiring election agents on behalf of Reuters/Ipsos. It sounds like a fancy position, but it's really just taking my tablet to the courthouse and reporting election results via app.

There's wireless at the courthouse, but I don't know if it's open (or if the election officials will give me a password if it's not). I also don't know if I want to mess with my tablet, despite having a bluetooth keyboard for it. Fortunately, I remembered an Android emulator (BlueStacks) that will almost positively run the app, so I downloaded it and if I get the gig, I'll get the app via BlueStacks and see how it works. (I'll have to wait 'til my next trip to McD's or somewhere…the last time I ran BlueStacks and a Droid app on my home connection, it vacuumed up bandwidth like me with a Diet Coke.)

Friday: New eye doc. Unless I'm late or he flips me out by insisting on dilating my eyes, I don't foresee (oh, the punnery!) any problems.

And that, my dears, is a wrap!

For now. 😉

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