This is how we survive…

I think I’ve spent enough time talking about my depression that you know how this week has left me feeling…what I can’t explain is why it’s driven me to my music.

Well, not my music. It’s mostly transposing. I decided against “All I Ask of You” (why did I think that was important?), I finished “Gentle Woman” and started/finished “My Immortal” and “Music of the Night”. (I’m thinking of “Bring Me to Life” next.)

I’ve only added four notes to a project tentatively titled “My Grey-Eyed Monster”–not for lack of trying, however. It’s a lot of “*add notes, listen to playback* Nope…that’s not it. I don’t know what is it, but that’s not!” (I’m sure you can guess who that’s for…about… 😉 )

It started out with euphonium…maybe trombone, maybe tuba. (I don’t remember exactly which instruments.)  But apparently I decided at some point that that wasn’t a good idea, because when I came back to it a couple of days ago, it was a euph solo. Today, I added the tuba back in, along with a cello, a timpani, a bass guitar and chimes for an introduction. (I had a cello and a string-bass, but I listened to it with and without a few times and kicked out the bass.)

What’s it like? Well, if I knew a good place to host the sample, I would. But for now…


It’s so dark, I’ve seen a brighter night with a new moon!

It’s so dark, the only treble clef instrument is the chimes at the beginning!

It’s almost too dark to be called a Phantom of the Opera reject!


Oh, I just noticed I could upload it here, with WP.

Well. That would spoil the fun if someone came looking, wouldn’t it? 😉

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