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Warning: this post contains chatter about self-written music. If you’re not interested, you may leave.

Except if your name is Dominic. Then please stay…this is about you. ^_^

If last week was transposition week, this week is writing week!

(I must apoligise for that. I don’t generally like GIFs, but that was appropriate.) (I also apologise for my occasional use of Brit spelling. It just slips in sometimes and I leave it…unless it’s supposed to be a professional something, I really don’t mind. 🙂 )


The piece that I referred to the other day is now called “A Touch of Midnight”, with the dedication of, “Written for Someone Special…

The timpani is gone, but it didn’t really add much. The bells are still there, though, and I’m really loving the addition of the bass. (*stops blogging long enough to add in a bit of staff text that says, “Can be electric or acoustic”*) It’s the first time I’ve ever written for guitar, but it seems to be going fine. So well, in fact, that I’ve decided to go for a bass solo in measure twenty-three. I still don’t know how to start it twenty-four hours later, but I have part of it that I wrote yesterday, so all will be well. Eventually.

I think I’m struggling a bit, because “dark” has a certain sound to it–beyond the deeper orchestral voices, anyway. And it has to match with the rhythms already written.


I’ll confess: I backslid a couple of weekends ago and indulged myself with some Eric videos. (Including his Wife Swap with Robin Leach. Funny!) Fortunately, he didn’t indulge me by tweeting back (whew!), but there’s a clip reel I like to watch where he’s kicking butt repeatedly to a Deadpool song.

And that tends to bring me back to Dark and Dirty Games. 😉

How happily I’ve been writing the last couple of weeks (though not much, as it’s starting to look like Someone gave my musical muse a lecture when he got to the Summerlands last week) and Dominic pops up and does the Ice Bucket Challenge!


Suddenly, I need to make music! For him!

(Must be this is my “thing of the moment”, as opposed to poetry.)

(I was about to give you the first eleven measures, but it turns out that “add media” box doesn’t include MP3s.)

The title “An Air for My Partner” comes from the fact that David (Dominic’s character, if you didn’t read the info jump a bit ago) is Kaia’s lieutenant. Indeed, the dedication reads, “To my warrior, about whom many things shall be written.

I “auditioned” several instruments and ended up with my old friends–flute, French horn, euphonium and harp; just like when I wrote “Mujigae”. 

I never explained out they became my friends? I have a wooden piccolo (that’s what I call it…quite shrill!) and two wooden flutes that I play as a hobby of sorts. (Those three are what I’m writing for when I write for flute–not an orchestral flute.) I played the French horn in sixth grade and then played the euphonium the following six years. (I still enjoy the sound of both, especially the euph. I’m glad I didn’t shy away when they transferred me…it’s a beautiful instrument!) And I’ve always wanted to play the harp…that’s why the first song I ever wrote was “Self-Expression through Harp”!

Anyway, it’s “light and fluffy”, as the blog title suggests…vastly different from “A Touch of Midnight”. Nothing very complicated about the notation (nothing I write ever is) and it stays within sort of a set melodic range. I was going to go with a solo in the twelfth measure, but what I wrote for the horn sounded like something bigger…so I took the “call and response pattern” from “Mujigae” and threw it in; first horn, then euph, then flute, then harp. It worked out well…I’m curious to see what comes next! (Or who comes next…I might be inspired to work on “A Touch of Midnight” tomorrow! Em…later today.)

Since I ended up blogging, there’s no novel time this morning, so I’ll leave you with a “cast grid” for Dark and Dirty Games.

(The “no name magician” mentioned before has been replaced here with Hans Klok; another blond and–as far as I know–much more harmless magician.)

image removed…no more stinky enemies

P.S.: I just watched the video again and I think he says that Anna Wintour challenged him?! Holy crap!

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