Always a downside

There’s a downside to being madly in love with a theatregeek.

You eventually realize he’s quietly sitting there on the other side of the world thinking, “I wish she’d shut up about her novels and write me a play, already!

(Okay, maybe he’s too polite for that. But it’s possible!)


In light of my recent failures to get absolutely anywhere with my novels, I’m working on a short story called “The Spark”.

Greg just finished having an argument with Liam Neeson (avatars/icons of such, as usual) and he’s going to go stop Jamie from doing (redacted due to spoiler-ness) to me. (Well, not to me. But Jamie is involved in some way.)

Meanwhile, I realized earlier that I forgot to include Dominic West. (*tear*) But you can’t always have your harem (to use another friend’s term) in your pieces. That would just screw the crap out of everything and annoy the hell out of your readers.

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