True blue writers unite!

Reba Cross Seals created this checklist for the October issue of The Writer and I–never one to resist a magazine quiz–took it and was delighted by the results. So I thought I'd share and see how many of you have similar results. 😉

(P.S.: My positives are careted (^), since WP won’t accept checkboxes…I got twenty-one, but the author says you only need fifteen to be a true blue writer!)

Have you ever…


Had your [SO] urge you to keep your day job?
Wished a relative would die so you could write [hir] bizarre story?
^Screamed at [a] character?
Celebrated a personal rejection letter?
^Admitted all your writer friends are weird?
^[Created a pen name?]
^Written a romantic[/erotic] story you didn't want your mother to read?
Written an obituary for someone you loved?
^Bartered your writing for some service or thing?
Anxiously waited to see what your characters were going to do next?
Played strange music for inspiration?
Joined a critique group?
^Visualized your name in credits on the big screen? [Or simply wanted your work to be made into a movie?]
^Gone without sleep to write?
Gotten into a fight over your writing?
Done something dangerous, so as to write about it?
^Cried over a rejection?
Served on a jury and wrote a mystery in your mind while you were listening?
Felt your agent understood you better than your [SO]?
^Reacted to a life crisis by rushing to write about it? [I'm going to say blogging/journaling doesn't count here.]
^Decided that you critique[/edit] yourself hard enough that you don't need group help?
^Taken comfort in the twelve rejections received by J.K. Rowling? [Or multiple rejections by another famous author?]
^Laughed out loud at your own work?
^Entered a writing[/poetry] contest?
Done something you regret, but know it might make a good story?
Written a personal essay exposing a secret?
Been shocked at what your characters were doing?
Analyzed a kiss so you could write about it?
Written from a hospital bed?
Scared yourself with something you wrote?
Gotten a body piercing for a story?
^Created an alternate universe you'd rather live in?
Wondered if you could count lattes and power bars as [business] expenses for the IRS?
^Read a book and said, "I can do better than that"?
^Been jealous of a writer friend who has been published?
Celebrated with a friend who has been published?
Perused bookstore aisles fondling/smelling books?
Written something so beautiful, it took your breath away?
Had a family member say, "Now, don't write about that!"?
^Written something that made you cry?
^Scribbled a brilliant thought while driving? [Simply being "out and about" also counts]
^Awakened to jot down a clever phrase? [Or turned the light back on to write it down if you were trying to fall asleep?]
^Fantasized about how your name would look on a book spine? [Or on a cover, particularly with "New York Times Bestseller" on it]
^Had writer's block that lasted six months [or more?]
Turned a blind date into a story?
Written something while naked?

My own personal additions include:

^Written in an ER with a friend/family member as the patient? (Or while waiting for said person to finish an outpatient procedure?)
^Written at a visitation/rosary?
Written at a funeral?
^Written in the common areas or patient rooms of a nursing home?
^Written while in a hospice house? (Working or visiting)
^Written while waiting to be seen by a doctor/dentist/eye doctor/chiropractor/therapist or other professional?
^Had someone watch you write and ask, “Is she recording this conversation?”
^Kept a notebook/pad in your purse (or other personal container) so you won’t be caught in a restaurant or waiting area without something to do?
^Gotten tired of carrying your writing kit to work (or emailing yourself the last few sentences of whether you left off) and decided it was easier to keep a flashdrive in your wallet/purse?
^Written something on the toilet?
^Brainstormed on the toilet/in the shower/in bed? (Bonus points if running through/brainstorming your latest piece is a favorite way to fall asleep!)

The explanations for my answers are going to make a great second blog.


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