Meet the Clan

After borrowing a pair of names from Dark and Dirty Games for “The Spark”, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a generic list of names for those that I adore, to facilitate writing in the future?” As I created these names, I wondered why I was including some of them, as I never write novels or shorties about them (or at least not up until this point). But then I realized that I could also call them “code names” and use them when referring to certain persons when discussing them on here (or elsewhere, for that matter.)

Some of these gentlemen have titles because…probably because I can’t resist making myself queen or giving myself a significant station some other way. (That and the female lead in “The Spark” is known as “Lady”, but the storyline suggests she came into that title because she is a powerful priestess or magick practitioner; not for any gifts of nobility–especially since the story takes place in modern times.)

I didn’t initially intend to include women (since I was working from the “harem list” Ophelia encouraged me to create), but the Inner Voice said, “What about your ladies? Don’t leave them out!” I honestly didn’t mean to give them what’s essentially the same name in two different languages, but after creating the second name, I kind of liked it, so I have “Mistress Caitlín Chennanais” and “Dame Caterina di Modena”. (Instead of regular surnames, I mostly went with “of [Place]”.) Also, lords are automatically granted the title of “dame” for their wives, even though I only included two. (One because she’ll be mentioned in an upcoming shortie and the other because I wanted to use the name.) Dame Caterina, of course, earned the title on her own merits.


Print it, save it, write it down…whatever you prefer. I’m not going to publish this list again.

Her Serene Highness, Kaia Marie Everhart, Queen of [Place]: me, my queendom depending on the story. Kaia is my “icon” in Dark and Dirty Games and I liked the name, so I thought I’d use it again for the code list. Temple Name: Lady Andraste (used in The Blessing Way and Breathless), occasionally Lady Kotora (as in “The Spark”). (Andraste is an early Britannic [Iceni] goddess and Kotora is supposed to mean “little tiger” [as Ko + Momo = “little peach”].)

Lord Nicholas de la Diosa: Jamie; except when I’m queen and we’re married (then king). “De la Diosa” means “of the Goddess”; perfect for the partners of a priestess of the Goddess. ^_^ (Nicholas is his name in Dark and Dirty Games and “The Spark”.)

Lord Alexander de la Diosa: Greg; occasionally king in place of Jamie. (Alexander is his name in Dark and Dirty Games and “The Spark”.)


Lord David Weston: Dominic West, ennobled because he is the “chief of the harem”. (David is his name in Dark and Dirty Games and “The Spark”.)
Dame Christianne Weston: Kate West (included because I wanted to use the name Christianne).

Lord Crisen Wien: Christoph Waltz, ennobled because he would be the scribe/archivist of a group, if there was one. (“Crisen of Vienna”, since Christoph was born in Vienna) [Cree-sehn Vee-en]
Dame Julienne Wien: Judith Holste (Christoph’s wife; Christianne was going to be the name of a fictional wife, until I realized he was married.) [Juli-en Vee-en]

Sir Destin di Corsica: Christian Kane, who should be any lady’s knight in shining armor! (“Destin of Corsica”)

Sir Dianect na Baile Atha Cliath: Gabriel Byrne, who was knighted because he has always held a special place in my heart. (“Dianect” is a variation on the Celtic god of healing, “Dian Cecht”. The pronunciation of the surname is from Connemara, which is quite a bit simpler than everything else I found.) (“Dianect of Dublin”) [Die-an-ekt nah Black-Leia]

Sir Hereford (Harry) London: Stephen Fry…who’s going to deny Frydaddy a knighthood? (Save for the Queen of England, apparently.) He’s on the list because he makes me giggle. ^_^

Dame Caterina di Modena: Stana Katic, who should be knighted simply because she kicks ass–though I have “for services to the crown” noted. (“Catherine of Modena”)

Marcus Cornwall: Mark Harmon; known affectionately as “My Lord of Cornwall”. (I didn’t want to have too many lords, but I wanted to honor Mark, since I’m particularly fond of him.)

Jason Crestwell: Jack Coleman (his name in Dark and Dirty Games and “The Spark”.)

Caitlín Chennanais: Sandra Bullock (“Catherine of Kells”) [Kat-leen Shannon-ish]

Michael Suomessa: Tim Hutton; the ethnicity chosen for the runes on his wrist–Norwegian wasn’t working out the way I wanted. (“Michael of Finland”; Finnish pronunciation of the forename) [Me-hile Su-oh-mess-ah]

Dalton Chiarrí: Jeremy Irons, who would probably have a knighthood or a lordship if I loved him a bit better. (He’s “Dalton of Kerry” instead of Cork, because while his castle is in the latter county, I prefer the former.) [Kee-ar-ee]

Kendelaine (Ken) of Winchester: Tommy Lee Jones, whose voice I love and would certainly lend an air of wisdom to the group (if not actual fantastic input).

Shane Chonamara: Jason Isaacs; who is sometimes known as “Black Shane”. (“Shane of Connemara”, so honored for the simplification they offered me in pronunciation.) [Properly, “Khun-ah-mar-uh”, but I would prefer “Coon-ah-mar-uh”]

An’tehan de la Mer: Tom Hanks (“An’tehan of the Sea”) [Ahn-tay-han]

Aymar Listese: Alan Rickman [Eye-mar Liss-tees]


Outside of the harem (but not quite in the “tenuous hold” group), we have:

Benjamin BlueRidge: Benedict Cumberbatch (I was going to name him after the Cumberland Gap, but I didn’t like that as much as adapting the Blue Ridge Parkway)

Sir Thomas McGuire: Gerard Butler…I don’t know why he has a knighthood! (I could go with the same reason England usually does: being gifted in the arts)


On the “tenuous hold list”, quite a few; but since I’ve been writing about him…

Lugh Aontroma: Liam Neeson; named after an Irish hero and high king (“Lugh of Antrim”, the latter being his place of residence until Natasha’s death) [Properly, “Lú Ain-trim-uh”, but I’d accept “On-t’ro-muh”, as well]

Perhaps more of the tenuous list one day, if I feel it’s needed.

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