True Blue Writers (pt. 2)

I promised I would explain the answers to these eventually.

Welcome to "eventually". :>

Screamed at a character?
I don't know that I've screamed per se, but I've definitely gotten uber-frustrated with some characters and questioned my sanity (and theirs) from time to time.

The latest source of aggravation is–of course–being hell-bent on having Liam Neeson's character in Dark and Dirty Games. Now that I've created the Mysterious Traveller, I don't want to get rid of him…and that's a bitch!


Admitted all your writer friends are weird?
Why should I stop at my writer friends? (*giggle*)

Created a pen name?
You see Broken Road has "Catriona Cassidy" on it, don't you? :>

Written a romantic/erotic story you didn't want your mother to read?
There's the First and Second Book of Taboo…(*blush*)

Bartered your writing for some service or thing?
I'm not sure about writing itself, but I'm fairly certain I've swapped editing for something before. (I've also done "divination swaps" with fellow readers!)

Visualized your name in credits on the big screen? (Or simply wanted your work to be made into a movie?)
It's been a dream of mine for a while now to see stuff I've written made into a movie. I used to dream about acting in some of them, too; but now that would require losing weight. (Which celebs do all the time, so it should be no fuss…right?)

Gone without sleep to write?
This sounds like I've pulled an all-nighter to write, but not really. Perhaps the more appropriate question is, "Have you ever lamented going to bed late because you couldn't quit writing?" In which case, the answer is an emphatic yes!

Cried over a rejection?
I don't know about cried so much as "felt a bit dazed/hurt that my name wasn't on the long list" in that Irish poetry competition I entered. But when I consider that my sole credit for 2011 is a poem that appeared in a literary review and that I entered a peer-judged competition this summer and took third place (out of about eight or so), it seems to me like the woman that judged the Irish competition doesn't know much.

Reacted to a life crisis by rushing to write about it?
Being almost-sexually-assaulted by a boss definitely counts! There's a story in The First Book of Taboo that has me being turned into a vampire, acting like I'm going to do him and then draining him instead. (*evil laughter*)

Decided that you critique/edit yourself hard enough that you don't need group help?
Yes, but there's always room for a beta.

Taken comfort in the twelve rejections received by J.K. Rowling? (Or multiple rejections by another famous author?)
Wasn't it the author of Eat, Pray, Love that had something like sixty-two rejections? She's my "rejection idol". 😀 | Stephen King is another good one…he used to jab his rejections onto a nail that stuck out over his writing area!

Laughed out loud at your own work?
Abso-freaking-lutely. My favorite line in Early One Morning is actually a sarcastic one:

“Oh, poor me!” snapped the second [man]. “I guess I’ll just celebrate Passover at home with my wife and kids and not risk my sorry ass!

Better in context, but I love it. 😀


Entered a writing/poetry contest?
Growing up, there was the Christine Wonch Writing Award. To shorten the story, she was a girl (from my neighborhood, supposedly) who loved to write, but got hit by a car one day while getting the mail in the rain. I didn't do so well when I was younger, but once I stopped entering stories that were too long and started using poetry, that's where I found my niche. I think I was a junior or senior when I finally received a second place! (There were multiple awards for each grade level…I collected quite a lot of honorable mentions.)

The Garfield Lake Review was a competition that I entered in 2010 while at Olivet College–I had one of my two entries appear in the 2011 edition. (Just as I'm writing this, I'm realizing that the deadline to appear in the 2015 edition of "The Garf" is coming up…I think I want another crack at getting in!)

Then there was the Fish Publishing poetry competition…that's the one I entered earlier this year. I was going to enter others besides that, but without a job, I haven't had money for the entry fees.

Created an alternate universe you'd rather live in?
Don't we all want to live in our fictional realities? But yes…I'm almost always married to Jamie, I usually have an enviable career (one that I'd envy, that is) and sometimes, I'm an Air Force or Navy vet (or active duty). But Jamie and happiness are the best parts. 🙂

Read a book and said, "I can do better than that"?
Occasionally. The one that most often comes to mind is one from the Star Wars extended universe that I believe is called The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader…it was so disappointing!

Been jealous of a writer friend who has been published?
I count Jen McConnel, Trish Telesco, Kristiana Gregory and Carolyn Meyer as my friends (even though Trish is the only one that has me on her personal account). So yes, I'm jealous of all of them…especially Trish, since she's a Name in the Pagan world!

Written something that made you cry?
Death scenes. Absolutely the most difficult when it's someone you're particularly fond of. (Tana said that's why I've always had a hard time writing Breathless; because I was so emotionally attached to the storyline.)


A general yes to the following:

  • Scribbled a brilliant thought while driving? (Simply being "out and about" also counts)
  • Awakened to jot down a clever phrase? Or turned the light back on to write it down if you were trying to fall asleep?
  • Fantasized about how your name would look on a book spine? (Or on a cover, particularly with "New York Times Bestseller" on it?)


Had writer's block that lasted six months or more?
Since I haven't been able to "settle" on a manuscript this year, yes…and I think it's currently worse than the Great Block of 2011! (That one was cleared by going to the hospital, so I don't know what I'm going to do this time…)

This block has been going since…let's call it the third week of November 2013. (Giving myself approximately two weeks of "rest time" after publishing Early One Morning. Otherwise, since October 28, 2013!)



My personal list additions:


Written in an ER with a friend/family member as the patient? (Or while waiting for said person to finish an outpatient procedure?)
I don't remember a specific event, but I'd be shocked shirtless if I haven't. (Do I still get credit for bringing my writing supplies even if I didn't use them?)

I can recall studying for the GRE while my dad was in the ER! I think that was the time he had an uncontrolled bleed after a cosmetic procedure…I'm guessing I stayed out because of the cauterization more than the blood!


Written at a visitation/rosary?
At my paternal grandfather's…I don't remember if it was either or both. All I remember is that was when I was still using the red binder and my grandmother insisted I needed to stop writing and go up to the casket to say goodbye.

Written in the common areas or patient rooms of a nursing home?
All. The Freaking. Time! When we visited my great grandmother, I used to love to write in the rocking chair in the lobby. It was quiet and out in the country a bit, so I could see the birds. (I'm sure I also wrote while sitting on her roommate's bed!)

Written while in a hospice house? (Working or visiting)
Fairly certain I have. No assignments to do except wait for the phone to ring and to say hello to people that came to sign in…what else would I do but read or write?

Written while waiting to be seen by a doctor/dentist/eye doctor/chiropractor/therapist or other professional?
Routinely; but not so often since I got my tablet.

Had someone watch you write and ask, “Is she recording this conversation?”
That usually happens when company is around. (*chuckle*) My mom will be talking to someone and I'll be sitting there, writing away…next break in the conversation, they usually ask that very question!

Kept a notebook/pad in your purse so you won’t be caught in a restaurant or waiting area without something to do?
What do you think I use while waiting for the above appointments? Not my tablet…not very often!

Gotten tired of carrying your "writing kit" to work (or emailing yourself the last few sentences of whether you left off) and decided it was easier to keep a flashdrive in your wallet/purse?
I don't remember if the emailing thing was before I got a flashdrive, but I have done it!

My "writing kit", in case you're curious, is a well-favored pen and a fully-equipped binder–left pocket has college-ruled, looseleaf paper, the rings have page protectors on them (one for each chapter) and the right pocket has information such as cast lists, timelines, glossaries and research. (I love the newer binders with two pockets on each side!)


Written something on the toilet?
It's been a long time… (That, of course, was before I became a bit of a germophobe.)

Brainstormed on the toilet/in the shower/in bed? (Bonus points if running through/brainstorming your latest piece is a favorite way to fall asleep!)
Yes, yes and yes! Bed, shower and toilet; in that order. I like brainstorming while waiting to fall asleep (either regular or nap) because I usually close my eyes and visualise what it is I'm thinking about. ^_^

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