A Ring Around My Finger…

…and a love around my heart…


I don’t talk about it a lot, but almost every time I go out, I wear this ring on my “wedding” finger:

My Jamie Ring

Sterling silver and white gold, this heart-shaped blue topaz caught my eye five years ago. I thought the heart was a little cheesy, but I honestly couldn’t find any blue topaz/sterling combination that I liked as much as this one. Especially after I received it and realized how gorgeous it was when it caught the light (or the sunshine).

My cover story, when I don’t think people will understand what it truly means, is that it’s my mother’s birthstone. (Which it is, given that she was born in December, too.) But if you’ve known me for any length, you’ll know that I’m not fond of my mother (despite the fact that things have been going well between us for several months) and my cover story is pure bullshit.

If you think my…ah…poppet is bad…well, I’m about to do you one worse: I wear the blue topaz because it’s also Jamie’s birthstone and I happen to love him dearly. It symbolises that I keep him close to my heart–even though the “vein to the heart” story is just a legend–and…I’ll leave the rest out before y’all try to have me sent back to Pine Rest.

Jamie PoppetThe Aforementioned Poppet


I’m sure you’re wondering by now if I’ve thought about doing anything besides a Greg poppet. (Which is done, by the by…a scarce few months after falling for him. *giggle*)

Greg Poppet

I have, but his birthstone is emerald and I’m not very fond of dark green…or any green, really. But if I did, it would be something like a rectangular emerald pendant on a slender chain long enough so that it nestles down in my solar plexus, since that would be the next closest to my heart.

I guess my mind was migrating that way because I was thinking of engagement rings last night. (All Yahoo’s fault, you know…publishing a story about some sociological study that was done centering around the price of the ring versus how long the marriage lasted.) Thinking of Kaia, I created a white gold engagement ring with a gorgeous sapphire, thus:


I can't tell you how long ago Kaia decided she wanted a sapphire ring, only that it was long before Princess Kate had hers. (She would also prefer it in sterling silver, but when that's not an option, white gold is fine.) If we stick to canon and believe Kaia is married, then she has her ring; but if we believe Kaia is analogous to someone else, then this is the sort of ring that Kaia hopes Nicholas will give her, should they one day marry. (Don't you just love how I may or may not be telling personal secrets here?)


If we consider "'My lover, my partner, my life' revisited", we know that–pardon the fruity term–Kaia and Alex have a "cosmic bond", one used by the Universe to bring them together to have a child. (Assuming that the prophecy is correct and that Kaia really did figure out that Alex is supposed to be the father of her son.) So we might also believe that Kaia and Alex might have a handfasting; that is to say, a Pagan marriage ceremony without the legal aspect, therefore to make the separation process easier later on. (If Alex doesn't rope Kaia into a traditional Jewish ceremony, of course.)

I wondered, then, what kind of ring Alex might give Kaia. Certainly not a sapphire, if that's reserved for her…long-term husband?

I considered a star sapphire; but once you get down to the darker blue category, star sapphires are horrendously expensive. (The stone alone, without the setting could cost six thousand.)

White sapphires are out; because while they're pretty, they also look like diamonds to the untrained eye, leaving people likely to read far more into their bond than is actually existent.

Maybe a garnet? Garnets are Kaia's birthstone (and therefore, she has a few), but if Alexander found the right one to give her, it would mean a lot

Perhaps this lovely white gold iolite ring…so out of the ordinary…

It's not terribly romantic, but Alex could say something like, "Kaia, will you be my partner for so long as the Universe will allow?"

Which, providing the courtship was all she might have hoped, Kaia would certainly agree…


I've had proposal fantasies, but I think that would be a story for another time…

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