Books Galore!

Early One Morning might become a trilogy!

Got your attention, didn't I? :>


Early One Morning: currently under revision; the next step is annotation. I'm not planning on releasing the revised version, as I haven't had much demand for the original…the annotated edition will be released as a special edition for certain readers.

Exilium: the sequel to Early One Morning will hopefully be released by January 2015. I don't have an exact idea of the date yet, as I'm roughly about halfway through the first draft. As with the first book, Exilium will be Kindle only and will be part of the special edition mentioned above.

Potential Prequel! As I'm working on the others, I'm looking for input on a possible prequel to Early One Morning, which I would call Julia and would tell the story of how Julia came to be a priestess. If the idea got a positive reception, I would release it as a Kindle piece and then release all three as a paperback.


B&N: As I said before, I had zero sales when I had my books on Barnes & Noble, so I discontinued them. (I believe the paperbacks are available to Barnes & Noble via distributor Ingram.)

Kobo: …I don't know why I'm stalling. Really, there's no reason I can't stop what I'm doing (I haven't put the edits into the document yet) and prepare my three digital books for release on Kobo. I don't know how well they'll sell, but it's worth a shot.

iBooks: I might have an in. I didn't realize that the production company I use for hardcovers now releases to iBooks, so as long as it's no extra charge (and it might be, as expanded distribution used to be), I'll work on sending my books there, too.

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