“Resurrection”: [Spoiler] Dies

One more death and I swear, I’m going to quit this show!


Sadly, there’s no “I hope he’ll be Returned” about it–at least not this season. Mark Hildreth “signed off” yesterday with “it’s been real, Resurrection” and a flood of cast and crew selfies on his twitter page.

I’m ticked. He was kind of cute and his character was sweet. Plus the whole “baby on the way” thing…who’s going to protect Rachael from Jannine now?!

I swear, if they re-kill Landon Gimenez (and he stays dead), I am SO out! (I won’t even wait for Devin Kelley.)

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As the virus continues to spread and fear engulfs the town, the returned seek solace at Pastor Tom’s new church. Meanwhile, Maggie is on the verge of finding a cure for the virus when a shocking death rocks Arcadia. All that and more on the Nov. 30 episode of ‘Resurrection’!

After rioters cruelly mark the returned’s doors with red crosses, all hell breaks loose in Arcadia. The town is more terrified than ever, and the symbolic attack even prompts some people to turn on their returned family members and kick them out! Thankfully, the forsaken returned have Pastor Tom and his new church to turn to for help — until a shocking act of violence changes Arcadia forever. Read on for the full recap of the Nov. 30 episode of Resurrection!

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