The Rundown

So Jamie's on Twitter.


He made a few comments my way (you know…before he got up to [*checks the current count*] 642 followers), but he's not following any of his fans yet and he's not really holding any conversations, either. (Though I feel like I got a nice virtual hug from Shoshannah Stern for letting her know about his arrival…and Ashley Scott followed him too, as I knew she would; having publically said she thinks he's great.)

I feel like I should be more excited, but I'm having one of those times where I'm wondering if being my fangirl self is blowing away my chances of…any sort of anything. (One of his costars has already stopped talking to me, probably because he thinks I'm a psychopath.)

But I'm not going to let that bother me. According to Maslow and his hierarchy of needs, a properly self-actualized person is accepting of all her flaws and the shortcomings of others. (Can you tell I've studied psychology?) I accept myself; I know I'm different than what's considered normal. If that bothers Jamie and/or his costars, then I guess that's too bad. Incredibly disappointing, as I'm sure you can imagine; but I want to learn to accept others the way they are, no matter how much that may hurt me in the long run.


Wow, that got really deep, really quick.

Really, it was supposed to be an introduction to an entry that illustrates what kind of obsessive nutter I am; but Little Miss Analytical tripped over her own brain over here. (*chuckle*)

I have a photo of Jamie as the wallpaper on my phone. (You'd think I'd know off the top of my head which one it is, but I don't!) Isn't that how it starts, though? Something as innocent as your phone wallpaper?

I have a Jamie stuffie. (You knew this already [as well as some other things I'll share in a bit], but we're pretending that Jamie might actually read this if I direct him to it.)

One of my friends took this picture when I was at Olivet (I had him shipped to my mailbox, even!) and I just love it, because it shows a moment of pure delight. Plus the stuffie. And Jamie's birthstone on my finger. 😉

I have a bunch of pictures saved on my hard drive. Do you remember how, when we were younger, we used to have photos all over our walls? My best friend collected so many magazine pictures of the Backstreet Boys (and different people, like the Spice Girls), that she quite literally had all her wallspace covered and ended up putting some on the ceiling. Wow.

Anyway, my hard drive is my new "wall", where I can flip through the photos and ogle…em…meditate on them at my leisure.

My Bridge Card has a picture of Jamie on it. There was a report in the paper a few years back (2011, maybe) that people were getting bullied for having Bridge Cards (that's what we call food benefit cards here in Michigan–in California, they're Fresh Cards, I believe), so a company was offering stickers to cover your card on the cheap. I picked the photo below and one of a Lake Michigan sunset (the one from Ludington/Big Sable Point Beach that I put as a header everywhere, here included) and ended up getting two of each, because the guy was running a sale. (And that was back when I thought I was going to get accepted to Pepperdine, so I wanted a picture that reminded me of home on my Fresh Card. ♥)

I wonder if people have any idea of what they're seeing when I whip out "the boyfriend card"? I'm going to guess most people don't, since when I have to hand it over, I usually say, "This is a Bridge Card pretending it's not a Bridge Card." (*chuckle*)

In 2009, I had a portrait done of us as our Jericho characters (from a fan fiction piece I wrote). "Secret Garden" (the artist's title), featuring Jonah Prowse and Elizabeth Shaughnessy.

The completed piece still lives here, under its original title, For the Fallen Dreams. I've been meaning to write a copyright-safe novel (read: canon names changed), but it's been on the very back of the back burners for quite a long time, so I don't know if I'll ever work on it again–despite considering it as a sort of "celebration" for Jamie joining Twitter. (I have it filed away in a folder called, "Books That May Not Ever Live"–does that tell you anything?)


Then there's the books…

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