I’m bound to thank you for it…

One of the trending topics on Twitter today was "People Who Made My 2014"…and I got pretty carried away. More than I thought I might, in fact.

Running backward from the last person mentioned…


Landon Gimenez
Jacob Langston, Resurrection

"For being the gosh darn CUTEST kid on television!"

Too bad they don't stay that cute–or tame, or sane–forever. (*sigh*)


Jeff Dunham

"For making me laugh 'til I'm ready to roll off the couch!"

Sure, I'd heard of Jeff-fa-fa before…all the way back in 2007 or 2008, at least. But I'd never watched any of his DVDs and–frankly–I felt he was inferior to Terry Fator. But now I know better.

Within a month or two of getting satellite (television–we got satellite internet back in 2012), Comedy Central had one of their "Jeff Mini Marathons" and there wasn't really a whole lot else to watch. So I said, "Let's try him out…Mom thinks he's great."

I understand now that–instead of apples and oranges–Jeff and Terry are like two different species of apples. Terry uses his puppets for impressions, singing and a few little riffs here and there. (Or he did…it's been a while and I haven't had the money for the new DVD.) Jeff, on the other hand, is straight up comedy and commentary–and he doesn't mind getting inappropriate. In fact, this picture is of him with Peanut–my favorite and perhaps the most inappropriate of all!



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