I’m bound to thank you for it…

The "Thank You for Existing" List


Terry Fator – comedian, singer, impressionist, man who redefines the word "ventriloquist".  (Winston the Impersonating Turtle is my favorite. 😀 )

Brian Dietzen – Jimmy Palmer, NCIS  Not my favorite NCIS character, but he certainly livens up Twitter…and I can safely say that the show wouldn't be the same without him.

Kira Leyden-Andrea: lead singer of The Strange Familiar Sweet, amazing, wonderful, a good friend and above all, a fantastic singer. TSF should've made it a little bit further in America's Got Talent, because Kira has a wonderful voice and I love her music. (Pictured are Kira, husband Jeff and daughter Rayne. Aren't they just the poster children for the perfect American family?)

Bill Prady – executive producer, Big Bang Theory  Because BBT. ('nuff said!)

Michael Weatherly – Tony DiNozzo, NCIS I used to have such a "television boyfriend" crush on him! Now he just livens up my life with his smartass lines on the show. ("Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo", anyone? HA!)

Lauren Evans – anchor, WILX (Lansing NBC affiliate) Okay, I may adore her just because she's like a lovely, news-reporting China doll; but she's Lansing's china doll, dammit and we love her! (Or at least I do. ^_^)

(From Wednesday: Andy Provenzano, evening meteorologist; Lauren and departing co-anchor Jason Colthorp)

Melissa Rauch: Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz, Big Bang Theory I can't explain the glory that is Melissa. You have to watch.

Tim Hutton – formerly of Leverage  We don't have to revisit my adoration of him, do we? Simply posting "A Song of Fire and Water" was enough, I think. 😉

Christian Kane – Jake, The Librarians  He sings and he's a kickass actor (and kickass guy in general) and…uh. (*heady sigh*)

Kat Dennings – Max Black, 2 Broke Girls  I don't get why so many people dislike 2BG…maybe they don't have my brand of humor? Or maybe it's because Max is almost 100% sarcasm and I love her for it. ♥

(It was even better when I realized she'd played a snobby rich girl pre-Jamie on Sex and the City! Made me giggle.)


This list is so long, we're headed toward the third page…

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