I’m bound to thank you for it…

If you're starting to think that I went through everyone I follow on Twitter and made a list…you'd be right.

Moogega Cooper, Ph.D. – Planetary Protection Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory  Moo made my year by getting engaged…which made her year (of course). Can't wait to hear all about her wedding plans!

(That's Moo in kimono and oshiroi as a geiko! In Japan, she'd be known as "Niji".)

Elisabeth Harnois – Morgan Brody, CSI  I'll admit that I haven't seen too much of the show this year (that move to 10p a few years back killed my watching habit), but I enjoy seeing her when I catch a rerun earlier in the evening. Besides, I like her well enough that I gave her a character in Dark and Dirty Games, so that should count for something, right?

Amber Revah – Mary Magdalene, The Bible and Son of God. The way I carry on about Greg, you wouldn't believe that there was anyone else I remotely noticed in that miniseries/movie, but I simply adore Amber. She's my age, she's pretty, she's talented…and she really needs a decent-sized role in an American movie so I can see more of her…and so other people can notice her, too.

Stephen King – author  Doesn't matter that I haven't started into Mr. Mercedes or Revival yet (though I did go back into Full Dark, No Stars before the premiere of Big Driver)–Uncle Stevie all year, every year. Period.

Jack Coleman – formerly of Heroes, lately of a lot of different shows Jack joined twitter this year! YAY! All the way back in 2008, I found I had a hard time not paying attention to him when there were commercials for Heroes. In fact, I made "Noah Bennet the Coyote" before I'd even seen a full episode! (*giggle*) He's also one of "my" teammates" in Dark and Dirty Games…in the original draft, I killed Dominic off too quick, so Jack became my lieutenant and snuggle buddy. 😉

Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine: hosts, King of the Nerds and stars of the Revenge of the Nerds series Bobby (or Rob, as I prefer to call him–otherwise, it turns into "Booby" under my speedy keys) has been my favorite member of the Carradine clan since…whenever Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire came out. I love that he's on Twitter and so is Curt. I've really warmed up to the latter since KotN started–and not just because he's from Michigan, either!

Devin Kelley – Dr. Maggie Langston, Resurrection  Doesn't matter if more viewers 18-49 were watching the Fox lineup last Sunday–to me, Resurrection has been a surprise hit. It has slowed a little bit this season (at least in the "NO! DON'T STOP THERE!" factor), but lovely Dev is still gracing my television screen and a vital character to the ongoing story. (Although I admitted last week that if her cousin Jacob was dead, I wasn't going to wait for Maggie to leave, I was done. 😛 )

Brad Little – theatrical actor who played the lead role in the 2004 national tour of Phantom of the Opera  When I fell in like with him, he looked like that. But add ten years and look at some of the photos on his Twitter feed now and he alternately looks like Nathan Fillion and Gerard Butler. (Neither of which is a bad thing, I might add.) People used to tell me that Brad was "too pretty" to play Erik, but now that we've added a decade…well, now it's just a little more fun. (I mean, really…who doesn't like a guy that looks like a mashup of Nate and Gerry? It makes me giggle so hard…and what would happen if Brad guested on an ep of Castle? Hee hee hee…)

Charlie Shaughnessy – actor, formerly of The Nanny  When the show originally aired, I was too young and didn't watch a great deal of television. But as I got older, I got into The Nanny and…well…what straight woman with a heartbeat wouldn't adore him?! A few Saturdays ago, I saw him on an old episode of SVU and looked him up on Twitter again. Oh my…the fifth Baron Shaughnessy has turned into a right silver fox! YOW! (Yes, really. Yum. 😉 )


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