I’m bound to thank you for it…

April Billingsley – Barbara Langston, Resurrection  "To April, for following me and befriending me before I hardly knew who you were. Yay for new friends! ♥"

AB (as I call her) followed me on Twitter and I had to check her on IMDb before I could follow her back and friend her on Facebook. The sad part? Barbara is fairly essential to the storyline and I didn't know who she was! (To be fair, though, she followed me on the day of the season premiere [if I remember correctly], so I had a whole summer to forget who she was.)

This year, AB set an (unofficial) television record…she disappeared (or essentially "re-died") on Resurrection and died on Walking Dead ten minutes later. Nothing to worry about, though…IMDb says she has four projects that haven't been marked complete. 😀

Dominic West – Noah, The Affair  "For just being you."

Have I mentioned that I fell in love with Dominic while I was watching a BBC movie to see Greg? (*giggle*)

You know how I feel about him…he's my lieutenant in Dark and Dirty Games, after all. 😉

(Studio shot from 300)

Greg – theatrical actor, director, lecturer and my secondary sweetheart  He's very quiet on social media, but he followed me on Twitter this year and he periodically posts photos and/or video to Facebook so we know he hasn't fallen off the face of the Earth. (The photo above is from a workshop he gave on Oedipus in Spain last month.)

There's one other thing that I don't think I'm supposed to know, but I do and it makes me happy.

Plus he makes me happy. And that's the best. ♥

Jamie – Syd, State of Affairs  When an acquaintance of mine interviewed him a couple of years ago, Jamie admitted that he didn't have Twitter or Facebook. I believe he may have even called himself a technological dinosaur! Yet last week, he joins Twitter, responds to me twice and favorited something I said yesterday. Whew! (I wanted to use a screenie from tomorrow's episode of State of Affairs, but I haven't cropped it yet.)

He hasn't run away screaming yet, which is a good thing. I look forward to more adorableness in the future. ♥

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