Day 1: Don’t Get Lost, Just Get Annoyed

(Or something like that…)


Not that any of you will ever have the cause to do so, but in the unlikely event that you find yourself getting off of US-131 and onto 44th Street (in Wyoming), do NOT–for the love of all that is sweet and holy–go left! 44th at 131 is the intersection from hell! There's…yeah, I'm looking at the satellite shot from Google that I'm about to post and I can't even tell which are off ramps and which are on. My point is that it's far better to take the right feed, turn around and come back so that you're with the flow of traffic already and don't have to pray you're not involved in a head-on collision.

Do you see that? All the directional lines? What the hell is that?! Those black spots in the middle of the intersection are–I assume–the traffic lights, but that doesn't tell you diddly, because there are no signs! That street I marked in the upper left that says "motel"? Would you believe I drove past it twice without seeing it? I mean, I kind of saw it, but there were also "wrong way" signs right near it because right next to it is an off-ramp; but technically, your head is so full of, "I hope to Goddess I'm not going to die!" that by the time you get clear of the intersection, you're apt to miss it!

I get through the intersection without killing myself, and I see the hotel, but I can't figure out how to get into it! I end up going so far past that I think I'm going around the block…and I end up right back on 131. {dead}

Knowing that following a semi won't lead me wrong (I was in the front of the line last time, something I hate when I have no idea where I'm going)…I got led wrong. Not in the foggiest where he and I went, but I eventually found my way to a Taco Bell, where I could go potty. (Did I mention my mother's GPS magically stopped talking to me after it claimed to tell me where the motel was? AUGH!) I finally made the GPS talk to me, but every time it told me where to go, it gave the direction after I passed it. (*eye roll*) Finally, it put me back on 44th Street and I realized I could probably get to the motel through the Denny's parking lot. (Good thing, too, because I was threatening to go home by this point.)

The room is a little bit scuzzy, the heat was off and the clock was unplugged. I'm starting to tolerate the condition of the room–it's acceptable and my grandmother would remind me that at least it's not filled with spiders! (That's another story. A gross one. O.o) The heat I figured out…I have it set to seventy and on a low fan. The clock, I realized (after grabbing dinner at Denny's–like I'd risk 44th again after all that!) is unplugged because there are very few outlets in the room and I just happened to have discovered the one that everyone plugs their laptops into. (Or maybe they were doing to prevent "energy phantoms" [or whatever they call them], since the heating system made it clear that no one has been in here for a while.)

Speaking of outlets, I'm trying to figure out how to set everything up. I'll fold up my laptop before bed so I don't have to worry about it and I may unplug the wall lamps so I can have my fan running (to cover 131 when the heater isn't) and keep my tablet plugged in (so it can sing me pretty music in roughly 10.5 hours ^_^).


The CVS I saw on my way over here? Yeah, it was sitting there yelling, "NOT IT!" and I couldn't hear it through my fear/annoyance/anger. (*sigh*)

I'm guessing that while I correctly selected the motel closest to the CVS I need, it's not the same as the CVS closest to the motel. (Does that make any sense?)

Oh and what's worse? My mother's GPS unit can't find it! (Seriously…it says "Byron Center Avenue Southwest" doesn't exist!) I even tried using CVS as a search product on there and it showed three CVSes nearby, but not my training site. (*facepalm major*)

I rechecked the site and the CVS I'm going to is about the fourth closest to where I'm staying. At least Google knows where it's at, because I was trying to figure out how to get there without going left on the bloody street that's outside my door! (Looks like three rights and then a left.) If all else fails, I can stop by the one I found and go, "I can't find the one on Byron Center, even though it's stupidly close. HELP!"


That's all my adventures for now.

I'd like to stay up until 11 or so, like I usually would, but since I didn't have a nap today, I'm pretty beat.

In fact, I quake at the idea of driving back up here after training for six hours on Tuesday. Yikes.

P.S.: The breakfast area? Sad. Good thing I’m only going to want a couple of pieces of toast tomorrow…

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