Until the Bitter End

That got dark fast…


I guess I should've stopped at liking the page.

I figure, "Hey, they're my new company…I'm grateful for them dragging me from the depths of unemployment, especially since I never thought I'd get a job as a pharmacy technician, so why the hell not?"

I even made a comment, saying how much I adored them for adding me to their family.

But then I saw a negative comment.

And another.

And another.

It's like these people have so much bitterness in their lives that they just had to pour it out on their local pharmacy.

A part of me–perhaps the naive part–says it's sad that so many people seem to feel this way.

The other part quietly wonders what kind of company I'm getting into.


I defended them a little bit, but this was my original post:

I just want to tell you that I <3 you. [Excised] was one of my two wishes after I finished my pharmacy tech program last year. I applied constantly for a year and the [excised] in my hometown hired me a few weeks ago. I just came home from the second half of orientation earlier today. ^_^

Right before my internet went down for two hours and twenty minutes (ugh), I received the following comment:

Kappa: Lets see how you feel a couple years from now. BUT, best wishes to you and yours.

When I got back online, I had a few messages from strangers saying that my company didn't like employees commenting on their Facebook page and one even made it a point to say that several people had been fired for responding to customers. (She later claimed that she didn't mean I would likely get fired; but if that's not what she was implying, why did she say it?)

I imagine it will be just like June (and the career school) all over again. Sigma (the general manager) or Eta (the pharmacy manager) will scold me, things will be very awkward and uncomfortable for a week and then whoever scolded me will make an effort to force me out when I make an innocent suggestion.

Or I'll get written up.

Or fired.

It's really hard to tell.

Do you want to know what I said to Kappa?

Let's put it this way:

I used to go to Walgreens because it was convenient. They always ask for my Balance Rewards card, but I never get ANY of my points (and I should have quite a lot of them by now, since I'm on a maintenance med and have had two vaccinations from them since last year). I applied to their pharmacy just as many times as [excised], including Walgreens' opening in October. When I stopped by to talk to the pharmacy manager about the position, he walked up to the front, took one look at me and WALKED THE HELL AWAY rather than explain why he didn't bother to interview me.

Meanwhile, I've never had any problems with my [rewards] card. When the pharmacy manager at my [excised] made up her mind to hire me, she didn't interview me, she said, "This is what the job is like; do you want it?" She and the general manager had trouble getting me started in the system, but she was VERY PATIENT with me and with the situation and helped me get everything straightened out. Furthermore, I'm loyal to [excised] because when they absorbed my "mom and pop" pharmacy, they gave the owner and one of his sons jobs immediately–they still work there today. If [excised] was so horrible, don't you think the owner would've retired rather than stayed with the corporate grind?

Not one person I know has ANY complaints about [excised]. In fact, coming to this page was the first time I'd ever seen or heard any. I think all of you are bitter and jaded and it's sad.

If anything, I'll probably get my ass kicked for calling (almost) everyone on my employer's page "bitter and jaded"; since "the customer is always right" gives them absolute leeway to be as nasty and bitchy as they like.

O, what a merry holiday I technically don't celebrate. (If I were on my own, remember, the winter holiday would be Yule and Christmas would just be "that day that all the stores and stuff are closed".) Adding the possibility of being scolded, written up or fired to having traveled nearly 250 miles simply because the company requires me to be bored out of my skull (i.e.: training) and the fact that all this traveling and being away from my own bed makes me cranky, well…(*annoyed noise and an eye roll*)


The king may have forgotten his priestess
in his new-found glory,
but the knight-from-across-the-sea
still leaves quiet flowers for his lady love.

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