2014 in Review

I'm not usually a bandwagon sort, but all of my friends are doing year end reports, so why not me? (It's not like WP doesn't hand you your information on a fireworks-gilded platter!)

According to the engineering faeries at WordPress, my blog received approximately two hundred and eighty views by the time they assembled this report. That's about five cable cars!


My first (and only) cable car ride was during my visit to Harvard Model Congress (SF edition) a decade ago. Kind of nice to feel the breeze in my hair when it gets going. 😀


This year, I had seventy-four original posts (excluding one I'm still working on and one I'm procrastinating on), bringing my blog to a blazing two hundred and six!

My hottest discussion topic? "The Sum of All Fears", a discussion of my phobias, with a rousing twenty comments (mine included.)

The one that got the most views, according to WP (post-transfer…I no longer have access to the original stats) was "How to Kill the One You Love", a discussion of how my literary efforts are somewhat forcing me to kill Greg.


Three out of my top five posts this year were about my writing–two about novels, one featuring a poem. That doesn't mean I'm going to skew away from the personal stuff or stop reblogging…I'm simply going to focus on what makes me happy.

That, of course, is saying whatever I damn well please. 😉

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  1. Awesome job! XOXO – Bacon

    31 Dec 2014 at 9:32 pm