A Muse Birthday

I thought I had this posted somewhere, but maybe it was in one of my old blogs…


Anywho, "To My Love…" had its first appearance in the 40th edition of The Garfield Lake Review (Olivet College's annual literary review) in 2011, then followed with an appearance in my 2012 poetry anthology, Barefoot on the Couch.

To My Love…


seems to have a different quality
since I’ve fallen in love with you.
The world
and everything within it
smells a little sweeter;
like flowers
I’ve never noticed before.

The midnight welkin,
once filled with dazzling diamonds,
now seems to hold
cryptic messages about you,
about me,
about how we met
centuries ago.

Every day,
every new experience with you,
fills me with a rush of joy;
like standing above a racing waterfall
and looking out over the world.

Some days,
I need you;
I need to feel
fulfilled by you,
like taking a hit off a drug.

Other days,
I can wait,
I can stride steady,
I can hold myself high;
until you place yourself
into my care,
into my love,
into my arms.

I will be your Priestess,
your friend,
your lover;
take me
however you want me
and I
will love you
all the more.


April 9, 2009

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