It's time for another episode of…

"Is it Real?" Theatre!


Recap: there are two worlds in which the Kaia/Nicholas/Alexander triad exists–"novelworld", which contains my upcoming novel Dark and Dirty Games, along with any other story I may use them in (since those three have been dubbed generic names); and "quasiworld", which may be our world, in which case I'm telling you about something real in the form of a roman a clef.

Remember: in novelworld, Kaia is involved in a polyamorous relationship with Nicholas, to whom she's married, and with Alexander, who is her partner/lover. In quasiworld, Kaia, Nick and Alex all lead separate lives, but Kaia has been given a prophecy that she may one day be involved with both of her gentlemen.

At the beginning of December, Nicholas joined Twitter–something that surprised Kaia, as a journalist friend had told her some years before that Nicholas was a self-proclaimed "technological dinosaur". Kaia knew, however, that it was possible (and perhaps even likely) that since there was a new television drama on which he appeared every week (except for this week, apparently), his costars might have convinced him to join social media. Nevertheless, Kaia was delighted and any concern she may have had was quickly ameliorated by those same colleagues welcoming him aboard.

But in less than a day, something was wrong.

"It's not that he's a dog person," Kaia told another friend about that same time. (Referring to a question Nicholas had answered.) "It's that something indefinable is missing. I don't know what it is, but it doesn't make me feel right about him."

Kaia tried to ignore whatever was bothering her, but as the days–and, eventually, the weeks–went on, it began to grate on her. While Nicholas was enjoying the spotlight, Kaia was crying to her friend (and even her therapist) that she felt like she didn't love him much anymore and it was tearing her apart.

As a result of all this, Kaia had begun to grow closer to Alexander. She quietly put away the things that reminded her of Nicholas, eventually trading in photographs of Alexander where those of her long-wished-for husband had once stood. Alex had yet to speak to her, but he often made a quiet gesture to let her know he was listening; something Kaia held close to her heart and treasured in her time of pain.


Tonight, when Kaia went to reference Nicholas on Twitter, she discovered he was gone. She thought it was strange that he had last spoken on Monday and then left without saying anything, but a little investigating told her the truth…

During a table read earlier in the day, one of his colleagues had said something like,

"So Nick…what do you think of Twitter?"

Looking completely blank, he replied, "What Twitter?"


This new revelation left Kaia floored. Not saddened, not heartbroken, simply floored.

She felt like she'd been paddling in the wrong direction for five weeks and was suddenly told to turn around.

Or–worse–she felt like she'd spent five weeks changing the wiring pattern on an old fashion switchboard, only to be told that the original pattern was fine in the first place.


So what's going to happen to Kaia?

Well, if we suppose that Kaia is actually me, then I don't know yet.

If we suppose that Kaia is someone else whose story I'm telling, then she doesn't know yet.

And if Kaia is a figment of my imagination, it could be that I know exactly what's going to happen and I'm leaving you hanging!


Regardless, I don't think Kaia is going to leave the silently supportive (and likely very real) Alexander in a lurch anytime soon.


Kaia's theory for Alexander's continued silence is that he is still married (last she knew); so if nothing is said, then "Señora Alexander" cannot misconstrue anything as a negative action toward her marriage.

Kaia thinks that if this is the case, continued silence is absolutely fine. She–like me–would not want to be the one to ruin a marriage. Our shared opinion is that if a gentleman wants to leave his marriage, it should be of his own volition–not because of something said or done by an outside party. (Or us, in this case.)

"I'm leaving," I would say, if I thought his marriage was in danger. "And if you decide to come after me in the days and weeks to come, I will know that you made the decision on your own. If you do not, then I understand."

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