The Other Love of My Life

Before everyone else, there was Isis…

In reaching for the stars,
I have forgotten the sanctity,
the saving grace of my younger years.
My darling,
will you ever forgive me?

I dreamed of you
when I was but a girl.
A husband,
a home,
a career?
These meant nothing to me.
All I wanted
was to hold you in my arms;
to kiss you,
to love you,
to praise you.
I would brush your hair,
tuck you in,
and tell you stories
until my mind ran dry.

I am so busy worrying about myself;
about how other perceive me,
about a career I may never have…
in my sorrow,
I have forgotten to dream of you.

In twenty-one years,
I have never stopped loving you,
never stopped thinking of you,
never stopped wishing for you.
The gods could give me
whatever man I wanted;
all the fame
and fortune in the world…
but none of it would mean anything
without you.

I love you,
my precious child;
and if it should not please the gods
that we should be together in this lifetime,
I will eagerly await you in the next.


I remain,
your loving mother,

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