Digging Up Old Poetry

So I have an Argentine friend (from the group I previously mentioned) who has been helping me practice my Spanish (sort of…it's more like, "How long can I go without reaching for the translator?") and we had an amusing conversation about…a certain someone.

(Bear in mind that this was originally in Spanish, so my endearments aren't what they could be.)


(I had just said, "He's very good at being very bad.")

V: Well, like Gabriel, some say. But tell me how you call this good man?

(I mention that I don't think this particular someone speaks Spanish, despite having lived in Spain for two years, which V says is weird.)

Me: Besides "mi corazón" ("my heart"), "mi querido" ("my dear", but Google also says, "darling, lover, love, sweeting, desire and sweetheart") and "mi amante" ("my lover")? And my grey-eyed monster?
[*shrugs*] (Name) usually works. 😉


*giggle* ♥

Okay, but this entry is really about rustling up an old (and I do mean old…like "probably written in the 90s" old) poem I wrote about Gabriel, so I can show my fellow…(*snicker*)…"Byrneholics". (The name is clearly V's brainchild. I just smile and nod…and make puns about "getting Byrned". xD )


Dreaming Out Loud


In my dreams,
I am old enough for you.
When I cry for my soulmate,
you dry my tears
with your kisses,
and promise to help me
find the man I haven't seen
for one hundred years.

When I want to leave this life
you hold me.
You promise me
it's a little less than three years
before I am out on my own.

When four months seems
like four centuries,
you help me carry on.
When I think all is lost,
you remind me
that the Goddess loves me;
even though you're Catholic.

You do all this,
even though you're not there;
and I am only dreaming out loud.

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  1. That’s a lovely poem. Thanks for sharing.

    A minor cavil: When Byrneholics Online first went live in 2008, we talked with people on the HBO In Treatment boards about an appropriate name. Yan, my partner in crime back then, really liked “Byrneholics”. I really liked “Byrne After Reading”. Someone else, I don’t recall who, really liked “Byrne Victims”. Everyone else really liked “Byrneholics”, so that is what we chose.


    20 Jan 2015 at 12:46 pm