Someone Like You

Call me reckless if you like, but I don't mind pushing boundaries from time to time. Every once in a while, I write an entry and think, "He's going to freak out and never read this again." Or, "The first words out of his mouth will be, 'You scare me…go away!'"

But I guess I'm not afraid of that sort of thing. Or at least I wasn't when I wrote Barefoot on the Couch in 2012.

At that time, it looked like Jamie was going to end up with a copy of the book. It didn't work out (of course), but since I didn't know that when I was finishing off the last few poems, I wrote "No Apologies".

I'll probably do well to remember it when I get my audacity in order and ship off a pair of books to my sweetheart (in care of the RSC, who I'm sure will be a good intermediary) here in the next few of months.

No Apologies


I make no apologies
for the woman I am
or the woman I strive to be.
I make no apologies
for the way the Goddess made me:
novelista, warrior, lover.
I make no apologies for loving Her,
just as I have come to love you.

I make no apologies
for the words I choose to write.
I make no apologies
for the stories I choose to tell.
I will not apologize
if my poetry drives us further apart;
I will not apologize
for the words that come out of my heart.

I make no apologies
for crying
or wearing my heart on my sleeve.
I make no apologies
for anger
or sarcasm,
for these were meant to be.

I make no apologies
for telling you I love you;
even though in this lifetime,
our hands have yet to touch.
I will never apologize
for loving the man
I love so much.

Since I like including the relevant video if I use a song title…

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