I love a parade!

My biggest gripe with the Miss Universe pageant in the last few years–besides "Trumpet" and his buddies constantly moving the date, of course–is that they no longer televised the Parade of Nations!

But they brought it back this year and oi, did some countries get bombastic! I should be used to the South American countries looking like their cultural history barfed on them, but…ick. This year, subtle was in (in my book), so let's get to the highlights…

(By the way: I used links from an imgur gallery, so if you want to see them full size, right click and go for open in new tab/window.)

Argentina: isn't as bad as some of the others. Turns out the "snow peacock" was meant to evoke Iguazu Falls.



Australia: seems a little cliche running around with a sunset on your back…but I think the clothes are meant to be Aboriginal. Nice and subtle.



Austria understands what I mean by "easy does it" this year. This is a pretty outfit; worthy of recognition in comparison.



Miss Bahamas is a classic exemplar of "your culture threw up on you, sweetheart!"



Belgium didn't send a pageant contestant, they sent a stripper. Yow.


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