First trilogy!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, Greg has finally done something for me that Jamie and Val never could.

No, I'm not talking about actually holding a conversation with me. (Val has actually done that–I know, because he doesn't understand the definition of "paragraph"!)

I mean that he's actually inspired a trilogy that I intend to finish as quickly as my mind will let me!

I've been promising for ages that I'll finish The Blessing Way (the novel that inspired Broken Road, because I had to explain Amihan and Mariamne's connection), but I just haven't been able to convince myself to get back to it.

But this…this I'm excited about.


I'm almost done with the first draft of Exilium!


I was going to post on Facebook last night that I was at least a quarter of the way from the end, but I guess I'm closer than that…within shouting distance, even. Maybe five more major plot points to cover before the end. (I was hoping for about twenty chapters, but since I'm only midway through the fourteenth, that's probably not going to happen.)

After that, it's about a six-week incubation period, then editing and off to formatting and publication! (Six is the Stephen King recommended amount…I reckon I could only get away with four weeks if I had a manuscript that was on paper, since it gets an edit going from longhand to typed.)

I haven't even gotten through the first couple of chapters in Julia and I've already put together covers for both books.

See what you think…

Early One Morning: the High priestess of Isis meets Yeshua ben Miriam and quickly finds herself tangled in the last week of his life.

(Cover image purchased from Shutterstock.) Her gown is a little more revealing than I'd prefer from a priestess, but I love the image.


Exilium: Julia Severide found herself lucky to get out of Judea with her life…even luckier to find a gentleman would love her, despite her spotty past. But Pontius Pilatus can't leave well enough alone…and that's something everyone will come to regret.

I had intended to have all three covers with a green theme (since all my previous books were black), but the sky and sea were such a nauseating color with the green cover that I went black with a greyscale photo. I found this piece through deviantArt and I really hope the artist will give me permission to use it for my cover, because to me, the color scheme says "the main character has been sent into exile"–and that's what the novel is about. ("Exilium" is Latin for "exile".)


Julia: recounts Julia Severide's time as a priestess in the early years of the Roman occupation. (That's not a fantastic description, but I don't really have a main conflict worked out, other than spending part of her time with a Roman family and learning to be a proper lady, at the same time she's trying to study to be a priestess.)

If I was as talented with photoshop as some people out there, I'd edit the girl's gown, as even light purple makes me think she'd be the emperor's daughter. (Not only that, but the light goldenrod…is that a palla? clashes with the color of the stola.)

really have to stop blogging right before I go take a nap, because I forget what I was going to say after I displayed the covers. (It also doesn't help that I had to go get treated for a mysterious arm pain in the midst of all this!)

Oh well…if I figure out what it is I'm missing, you'll hear about it!

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