5FF: Lost Souls

This week's topic was "five things I have that I haven't used". (The full title was "Things I've Bought but Haven't Read/Watched/Played Yet".) I had a hard time coming up with five, so I'm doing a mix of things…

Own it, Haven't Touched it

Son of God DVD: I hear y'all falling over in disbelief. "Dayanara, you have an unwatched Greg DVD?! Are you sick?"

Emm…you know I saw this movie in theaters twice, right? The first of which was my ass in a matinee seat on opening day?

My biggest problem here is my DVD player/recorder died…and I apparently have zero desire to watch it on my laptop. I have a portable DVD player that I can plug into my television, but the remote won't work, so it's a bitch if you don't want to watch a movie straight through.

Which is definitely the case here. I want to be able to pause and make notes on scenes to clip for the trilogy trailer. (Plus, I don't have the program I need to make the trailer, 'cause it costs $25.)


The Easiest Way to Learn Tarot Ever: according to Amazon, I bought this book on 12 June 2013. Except for reading a few sections in the front and back, I haven't touched it–despite wanting to achieve Tarot fluency.

Part of it is forcing myself to put down the computer games (very hard), pull out one of my decks and put in the time and patience. Plus, since I purchased a Lenormand deck in August 2013, I much prefer that–it's a faster and easier read and I found a stellar app to read it on my tablet.


Plowz/Mowz app: I heard about this on television several weeks ago. Simply put in your info on the site or in the app, pay (via the app) and they'll have a plower (or a mower, in warm weather) come by ASAP.

Yeeeah…not only has it not snowed very hard since I downloaded it, but I think our regular plowman finally fixed his truck. >.<


Books: like crazy. I can't begin to tell you how many books I've downloaded and haven't touched.

Here are some of them…

  • Southern Vampire Mysteries–I've read the first ten or so (in paperback), I stopped…and now I'm having trouble getting restarted. (Although I have been trying to read the first book while eating, as I think I can tolerate that a little better than Killing Jesus.)
  • All of Anne Rice's vampire books (I've only read the first) and The Mayfair Witches series
  • Maybe about sixteen Stephen King books and story collections
  • Almost every Star Wars book ever written (with few exceptions)

I'll get to them eventually…

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