A Bit of Bilingual Fun

I've mentioned that I've been working on my linguistics (only Spanish now–that's where I want to put my attention, because that's where I want to achieve fluency), but I didn't mention the site–Duolingo, which has multiple language combinations and is always growing. (Maybe more rapidly than LiveMocha, which changed its format before I gave up on it.)


For almost a year now (I came in at week 45, I think, but didn't participate until 46), a group of users has been working together to write (and correct) stories in the languages they're studying. (In my case, using Google translate to get the basis, then swapping back to English to check how it reads and correct the grammar, if need be.)

This week's topic? Theatre…suggested by me, of course. 😉 | We're imagining that we just finished acting in a play and come out of the stage door to find a reporter waiting to do a story…so what do we say?


Allow me to set the scene…I'm in Spain, with my Grey-Eyed Monster (why else would I suggest the topic?) and we've just finished the night's performance.

Also, I magickally teleported my favorite anchor to Spain with us and taught her how to speak Spanish. (Yay, fiction!)

Sidebar: Also, this is for Lingots for Stories 48.

(L-R) Andy Provenzano (weather), Lauren Evans (anchor), Jason Colthorp (now with WDIV, Detroit)

If they make anchors any prettier, I don't want to know about it! ♥

Lauren: Me preguntaba si usted estaría dispuesta a responder a algunas preguntas acerca de la obra que acaba de terminar. I was wondering if you’d be willing to answer a few questions about the play you just finished.

Yo: Ciertamente. No soy una de las actrices, sin embargo. Certainly. I’m not one of the actresses, though.

Lauren: Lo siento…usted estaba en la audiencia? I’m sorry…were you an audience member?

Yo: Esta noche, sí, pero no usualmente. Mi prometido está dirigiendo esta obra, pero él no habla español, así que he estado sentada e interpretando para él. Tonight, yes, but not usually. My fiancé is directing this play, but he doesn’t speak Spanish, so I’ve been sitting in and interpreting for him.

Lauren: Oh, qué dulce! La mayoría de las prometidas no son tan dedicadas. Oh, how sweet! Most fiancées aren’t so devoted.
Esto es teatro de repertorio, verdad? Qué obra estaban haciendo esta noche? This is repertory theatre, right? Which play were you doing tonight?

Yo: Coriolanus. Mi prometido ganó un premio importante para hacer el papel principal en el 2003, así que es muy particular acerca de cómo se hace todo. | Coriolanus. My fiancé won a major award for playing the title role in 2003, so he’s very particular about how everything is done.

Lauren: Diría usted que todo ha ido bien? Would you say everything went well?

Yo: (*asiento*) Bastante bien. Esta fue nuestra primera noche, sin embargo, por lo que todavía había algunas asperezas. (*nods*) Pretty well. This was our first night, however, so there were still some rough edges.

Lauren: Esta aquí mañana por la noche? Will you be here tomorrow night?

Yo: Yo seguiré aqui para Cymbeline y ambas actuaciones del sábado de Un Sueño de una Noche de Verano. Un intérprete profesional estará en el domingo, aunque…estoy pasando la mayor parte del día con el planificador de la boda. | I’ll be standing by for Cymbeline and both of Saturday’s performances of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. A professional interpreter will be in on Sunday, though…I’m spending most of the day with the wedding planner.

Lauren: Felicitaciones por su próxima boda y buena suerte con sus actuaciones! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and good luck with your performances!

Truth Squad


► I'm only engaged to Grey-Eyed Monster (el Monstruo de Ojos Grises) in my dreams. (*wistful sigh*)

► You doubt me when I say he needs an interpreter? Here's my Grey-Eyed Monster workshopping Oedipus. In Spain. Speaking English when everyone else was speaking Spanish. (*facepalm*)


► Of course he won a major award for Corio! It's one of my favorite pictures. 😉


Okay, that was fun. 😀

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