Single Female Geek Seeking…

Not QUITE me, but very close. 😀

Gone Catawampus

geek-loveSingle Female Geek (Kinda) Seeking Male

Age: A bit too close to 30 to still be feverishly stalking Broadway stars.

Hometown: Dallas, TX and I’m never moving because I still get lost right here in my hometown.

Occupation: I haven’t yet become an overnight cosplay sensation or stumbled upon my hidden superpowers, so for now I’m rotting away at a desk for 8 hours a day, writing about death and destruction for a company that couldn’t care less about my own death or destruction. Yay!

Education: I have a college degree in English and Theatre Arts, but I’ve also been highly educated by the fictional universes of movies and TV shows. I now know skills that range from defeating alien threats with nothing more than light-up screwdriver to the proper behavior for attending a mighty fine shindig.

Interests: Fangirling hard over sci-fi/fantasy and superheroes, creating…

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