DDG for Fun

The site crashed while I was working on the original. This ended up more deadly (trackerjacker attack partway through), but the original had Dirty Bastard killing four people before I took him out.

I was also going to make more notes and format this, but I lost interest.


D1: Luxury – Grey-Eyed Monster and Dirty Bastard
D2: Stone/Weapons – Esai Morales and Stana Katic
D3: Electronics – Me and Dominic West
D4: Fishing – Peter Facinelli and Sara Rue
D5: Electricity – Jack Coleman and Elisabeth Harnois
D6: Transportation – Tom Hanks and Irina Pantaeva
D7: Lumber/Paper – Jamie and Emily Blunt
D8: Textiles – Amie Callington* and Sandra Bullock
D9: Grain – Cholesterol and WD-40
D10: Cattle – Kader Spedais* and Mandy Patinkin
D11: Other Agriculture – KC and Trouble
D12: Liam Neeson and Smashbrain

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