DDG for Fun


Tom stays at the cornucopia for resources.
KC searches on top of the cornucopia.
Liam finds a bag full of explosives.
Dirty Bastard finds a canteen full of water.
Lis and Sara gather as much food as they can.
Esai carefully grabs three jars of fishing bait while Jamie gets fishing gear.
Petey runs away with a lighter and some rope.
Trouble rips a mace out of Stana’s hands. Same with Jack and Irina, Dominic and Cholesterol.
Emmy and Amie fight for a bag. Emmy gives up and retreats. Same for Mandy and WD-40.
I set an explosive off, killing Kader. (Thanks, Liam!)
Smashbrain attacks GEM, but Sandy protects him, killing Smashbrain.

Dead: Kader Spedais and Smashbrain (2)

The rest of the day…

Jack receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.
GEM collects fruit from a tree.
Mandy receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.
Jamie receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.
Esai, Sandy, and WD-40 search the arena together for other tributes.
Dirty Bastard discovers a cave.
KC searches for a water source.
I explore the arena.
Amie chases Emmy. Petey does the same with Tom.
Trouble scares Lis off.
Dominic injures himself.
Stana shoots a poisonous blow dart into Liam’s neck, slowly killing him.
Cholesterol taints Irina’s food, killing her.
Sara accidentally detonates a landmine while trying to arm it.

Dead: Liam Neeson, Irina Pantaeva and Sara Rue (5)

That night…

Dominic sees a fire, but stays hidden.
Trouble and Tom stay awake all night talking.
Lis climbs a tree to rest.
Jack is awoken by nightmares.
Jamie sleeps peacefully.
Sandy sets up camp for the night.
Stana and I cry ourselves to sleep. (Rough night!)
Amie and Emmy sleep in shifts. So do Gem and KC.
Petey looks at the night sky.
Cholesterol and Dirty Bastard think of winning.
WD-40 promptly gets lost.
Esai tries to treat his infection.
Mandy cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide.

Dead: Mandy Patinkin (6)

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