DDG for Fun

Day 2

Lis and Amie practice their archery.
Emmy is pricked by several thorns while picking berries.
Dominic collects fruit from a tree.
Tom and Sandy work together for the day.
I scare off my Grey-Eyed Monster. (Familiar, nu?)
Jamie begs for KC to kill him. He refuses, keeping Jamie alive.
Esai steals from Stana while she isn’t looking.
Cholesterol attacks Trouble, but Trouble manages to escape.
Jack, Dirty Bastard and WD-40 injure themselves. (Probably showing off!)
Petey attempts to climb a tree, but falls to his death.

Dead: Peter Facinelli (7)

Later in the day…


KC grabs Esai and throws him to the ground. Same with Sandy and WD-40.
Dirty Bastard knocks Stana unconscious and leaves her there as bait. Same with Jack and Dominic.
Tom and GEM run out of places to flee and are stung to death.
Jamie, Lis, Trouble, Emmy, Cholesterol, Amie and I all survive.

Dead: Tom Hanks, Grey-Eyed Monster, Stana Katic, Dominic West [NOO!], Esai Morales and WD-40 (13)

That night…

I hide near the cornucopia to get resources in the morning.
Jack, Amie, Trouble, and Emmy tell each other ghost stories to lighten the mood.
Dirty Bastard, Jamie, and Lis discuss the games and what might happen in the morning.
Sandy tries to find other tributes, but is unsuccessful.
Cholesterol kills KC in a fit of rage.

Dead: KC (14)

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