DDG for Fun

Day 3

I hide in the bushes with my newfound treasures.
Jack and Lis receive hatchets from sponsors.
Dirty Bastard and Amie work together for the day.
Emmy tries to sleep through the entire day.
Cholesterol camouflages himself in different bushes.
Sandy defeats Trouble in a fight, but spares his life.
After a sudden heatwave, Jamie dies from hyperthermia. (I couldn’t imagine him dying from hypothermia during the day, so I changed it.)

Dead: James Remar (15)

That night…

Sandy hides near the cornucopia for resources.
Dirty Bastard sleeps peacefully.
Trouble sets up camp for the night.
Cholesterol tends to his wounds.
Amie passes out from exhaustion.
Lis screams for help.
I try to treat an infection. (That’s not good!)
Jack destroys Emmy’s supplies while she is asleep.

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