Trilogy Update

A quick note to let everyone know that Julia is on hold indefinitely.

As you may have surmised, my muse dumped me shortly after I finished Exilium. I was prepared to give myself time to recover, edit my latest book and then move on; but the aforementioned gentleman has not only blocked me, he’s seen fit to continue spying on this blog–something that not only hurts like a bitch, but makes me say, “Life really does imitate art!” (Kills men onscreen and throws daggers through the hearts of women off. Just wonderful, isn’t he?)

I am sorely tempted to shelve Exilium as well, but my guides tell me I should not allow him to hinder what is already written. I may, however, delay it an extra month, as Amazon’s desire to have the completed manuscript ten days before release makes for a tight turnaround between simmer and deadline. (I’ll let you know what I decide later on.)


Thank you for your patience as I recover.

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