5FF: Five Fictional BFFs

​This Week: fictional BFFs


Or, in my case: four potential friends, two guys I'd like to snuggle/hug and one BAMFILF ([profanity highlightable] badass motherfucker I'd like to fuck). 😀

Parker (Beth Riesgraf): we may never know whether Parker is her first name or her last name (I say surname, my dad says forename); but without a doubt, Parker is awesome. She can easily pick pockets, rappel into any situation and probably steal anything you could ever think of.

The only problem I'd have with being friends with Parker? She'd probably want me to get over my acrophobia by teaching me to rappel. (Aversion therapy, and all.) Yikes!


Max Black (Kat Dennings): all hail the  Queen of Sarcasm! Wildly inappropriate, sarcastic and able to make cupcakes that even Martha Stewart loved…who wouldn't want to be friends with Max?

Okay, until she started disparaging your life…or made short jokes if you're under…let's say five-five.

And she probably say I lived in the lap of luxury, since I take care of my dad (and therefore live in his house)…

…then she'd wonder why I didn't take any of the serving jobs I've had offered to me, since she always finds a way to not work at work.


(Preferably chocolate!)


P.S: I actually found some 2 Broke Girls cosplay! (Oh and this fanart is adorable. ♥)

Sarah Bailey (Robin Tunney): before solving crimes with Simon Baker, before Harry Potter was cool (and roughly the same time she was being chased by Gabriel-Byrne-as-Satan), Robin was casting spells with (from left) Neve Campbell, Fairuza Balk and Rachel True in The Craft.

So they took things too far. So Nancy was a psychotic bitch. So what?! I'd love it if witchcraft* was really like that!

Just think…concentrate real hard and suddenly you have light blonde hair, your favorite football jock after you…whatever. (Quoting movie examples, here.) Maybe if Sarah was my friend, my magick would work better…and maybe she'd introduce me to Lirio. ^_^

(Lirio is Spanish for "lily" and was probably chosen because the actress who played her is from Spain. Me? I like the movie so much that Lirio is probably going to be my future daughter's middle name. ♥)


(*Lowercase w, because even though they called on fictional god "Mannal", they weren't really into the religious aspect of things. The only way I'd capitalize the w for them if they had cared for a second whether Mannal would kick their asses for messing up the order of things and the sanctity of life.)




Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette): freakin' Abby, man! I may not be a goth, but Abby has a great sense of style, unusual friends and knows everything there is to know about forensic science (helped along by her actress's masters in the subject, I'm sure!)

I can only imagine what kind of stories she could tell or what kind of conversations we could have. Hey, maybe she'd even like to go to a fire circle! (Although if I took her to Fall Fest, she'd probably blow everyone else's costume out of the water at the Witches and Wizards Ball!)

Plus, mad props (does anyone even say that anymore?) to Pauley, who used to dye her hair black on a regular basis from 2003. (I forgot that she opted to go with wigs a few months back after having an allergic reaction to the dye.) That's still dedication! (Here's our girl with her natural hair.)






Naughty Nate Ford (Timmeh!): the appellation may be mine, but if you're not familiar with Leverage, I should tell you that after Nate got screwed over by the insurance company he was working for, he gathered a group of thieves, conartists and all-around tricksters to help him with his Robin Hood-esque business–not to mention making some pretty sweet coin in the process. (Again with the outdated references, I think!)

Nate would probably be excellent to help you out-think any problem, but let's face it–I just want to hug him and snuggle with him. (Or, Tim, rather.) Okay, and maybe a kiss or two! But I would totally give him back to his wife after I was done. You know…if he wasn't divorced twice over.


Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon): I know, I know…another one where I just want to cuddle the actor and give him back when I'm done! (How lucky was Pam to have him to comfort her when Robin Williams died, amirite?!)

But Gibbs is always cool and clever…and it would be pretty cool if he could teach me to shoot even half as well as he does! ♥


Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane): this is one where I wouldn't mind bedding either version. (*giggle*) Both sing and cook and are hot…and Spencer can kick ass! (Maybe Christian can, too…after all, it takes a pretty special guy to be the father of a wolf!)

The first time I ever saw Spencer/Christian onscreen, I thought, "Now there's a knight in shining armor!" and I've felt that way ever since.

Believe me, ladies…whoever ends up with Christian Kane (and I'm sure there will be someone, someday) will be the luckiest woman alive. (*sigh*)

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  1. Oh my gosh! I just LOVE Leverage. If only there were more episodes!!!

    13 Mar 2015 at 11:59 pm

    • Daya

      A million times yes! I thought of Parker as soon as I saw Hardison on yours. 😀

      It's funny how I adore my boys, but my first response was Parker. (*giggle*) (I adore them so much, Chris and Tim got a poem dedicated to them in my first poetry book!)

      Are you watching Tim on American Crime? I meant to, but I'm not keen on watching the telly after 10p and the fact that it's competing with Dig doesn't do me any good. (If I had a fancy DVR, I could record both and watch them on Saturdays or Sundays when there's nothing on. 😛 )

      14 Mar 2015 at 12:04 am